What things students should know and are not taught by college?

If you started college this semester or if you are planning to start it next year, you have to know that there are many behaviors and values that you must learn on your own, since nobody will teach them to you in the educational ambience.

students should know

You have to learn how to organized

Surely many are the activities that you may have to do and little seems the time for you to carry them out. Therefore, it is important that you learn to prioritize and establish a balance between study and your personal life.

College career will not determine your professional future

Although you make a college education and you are 4, 5 or 8 years studying on the same topic, it is likely that in the future do not apply this knowledge. Anyway, everything you learn will help you in the future for any area in which you carry out.

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Generate healthy ties

Enter college means to meet new people and other realities. Consider that the ties you generate in this stage of your life, possibly accompany you for a long time, therefore, are not well seen friends for “convenience”.

Your attitude defines you

Your work situation will not always be the same; surely over the years there will be times of prosperity and others which have to tighten the pocket and have a more conservative life.

Therefore, it is important that you learn to deal with all situations and deal with both boom times, as with moments of failure.

Explode your talents

You don’t have to leave the study that you absorb and deprived of playing sport or other activities that give you pleasure, such as painting or music. Do not let that talent is opaque.

Do not be afraid to fail

To err is human and therefore all happens once in life. The important thing is that whatever you do put all your effort and always try to improve yourself, regardless of all the obstacles that stand in your way.

You are solely responsible for your success

Even though there are different definitions of success, each one must determine what is yours. This will always be linked with your essence, your reality and by what produces happiness to you.

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