8 Tips to train your memory

If you’re a clueless person who has problems to memorize concepts and therefore can not obtain good results in your career, you can not miss the next note.

train your memory

One thing is clear: to the memory it is necessary to exercise it and a more trained brain, can lead to better performance. So, here are some tips.

Set up a schedule for study
Everyone knows what their capabilities and limitations, so they should have the ability to identify what time of day is most beneficial for studying.

Perform sports
There are many studies showing that doing 30 minutes of exercise before studying can contribute to learning and help retain better studied.

Take your time
Live all the accelerated time is not good for anyone, even less if you want to a memory last in your mind. Best choose to do things more slowly and more attention.

To Sleep
While we sleep, our brain is devoted to processing and storing the learned contents. For this reason, it is essential to finish studying at consistent times and try to sleep at least 7 hours.

Establish routines
For most that have established routines and organized everything may be complex, the benefits that this brings should encourage you to do so.

Comprehensive reading of texts allows training different areas of our brain. For this reason, it is important not only to read but also to ask yourself what you read.

Learn other languages
Experts say that learning a new language is one of the best ways to put your brain to work. Consultation the programs offered and register where you attract more.

Healthy eats
Among the many benefits that bring good nutrition is the memory training. The nuts, black chocolate, egg and bluefish can be very beneficial foods for mental health.

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