What should you do if you lose your scholarship?

It is likely to have imagined otherwise, but college life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes things go well, sometimes it do not. For example, if you suffer large and unexpected changes in your finances while studying, the rest of your experience can be greatly affected. Losing part of your financial aid can be somewhat critical.

To know what to do if you lose your scholarship, and have a plan of action, may be keys to ensure that a bad situation does not become devastating. To help you deal with a loss of this type, we bring for you 5 steps:

loss scholarship

Make sure you have lose your scholarship for legitimate reasons

If your scholarship depends on the type of degree you choose and later decide to change careers, surely lose the scholarship be justified. However, not all situations are so clear.

If your scholarship depends on the grade point average you get, and you think you’ve kept that average, make sure everyone has the right information before going mad. The people who granted the scholarships may not have received the paperwork they needed on time or your transcript may have errors.

Calculates how much money you lost

It is possible that you do not know exactly how much money supposes the scholarship. If you receive, for example, a scholarship for 500 euro, is it annual, semi-annual or monthly money? Get the details of what you have lost to know exactly how much you need to replace.

Make sure that your other income should not be in danger also

If you’ve lost the suitability for a scholarship for poor academic performance or because you’ve committed an offense conduct and you are in a trial period, your other aid or scholarships may be in danger.

It is appropriate that you make sure the rest of your financial aid are safe, especially before talking to someone in the financial aid office of your college, so avoid having to go every time you discover something that you should have known.

If you’ve changed your career, you have a low academic performance or have done something that can adversely affect scholarships and aid with which accounts, make sure you know exactly what happens.

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Schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid office at your university

Not know exactly all the financial ramifications that causes the loss of your scholarship until you consult with a financial advisor to the University. It is normal that you do not know what will happen in that appointment, but you need to be prepared to know why you lost the scholarship, its value and how much money you’ll need to replace it.

Your advisor can help you discover new sources of income as well as to review your overall financial situation with the University. They owe to prepare answer why you lost the scholarship and what plan to do to fight the deficit that generated by this low of money. Stay open to the suggestions of the adviser to help you deal with this change.

Hurry up

Although it can happen, it is very unlikely that money is replaced by your advisor by magic, which means you need to find new sources of income. Ask the counselor about other economic resources and get to work. Look on the Internet at your autonomous region, in the campus, religious communities, political…that integrate, are looking for where you can.

While it may seem like a lot of work, the effort you invest now definitely implies less work that will leave the University and return later. Put yourself and your education in 1st place. Put your mind to work and do everything possible to ensure your investment in your degree and in you. It will be difficult but remember that you’re worth it.

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