Fellowship vs Scholarship: Everything You Should Know

Several educational institutes, governments, and organizations offer different programs for students to further their education. Scholarship and Fellowship are two of the most popular programs among them. However, most students don’t know the difference between Fellowship vs Scholarship programs.

There are a lot of meritorious yet underprivileged students who are not able to enrich their wealth of knowledge due to a lack of necessary facilities. The cost of education is made more manageable for students via scholarships and fellowships. But there are significant differences between these two types of financial help.

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This article is going to discuss Fellowship and scholarship in detail. Here I’ll also highlight all the key differences. So, continue reading this article and clearly understand two of these best programs.

What is Fellowship Program?

Fellowship is such a kind of term that is really hard to define since this term is used to describe several programs. Fellowship is occasionally used in undergraduate institutions. Undergraduate institutions use this term to make a level of a college scholarship. It is sometimes used by employers in the private sector too.

However, Fellowship is commonly used in graduate schools. Typically, when the phrase “fellowship” is used, it refers to financial aid for post-college students who wish to continue their studies. Similar to scholarships, fellowships provide students with financial assistance with no payback obligations.

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The Fellowship stipends pupils who pass the qualifying exam and are willing to research a particular topic. These rewards are often intended for students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree. Although fellowships are occasionally offered for pre-baccalaureate research programs, they are more frequently given to graduate students who are engaged in post-baccalaureate research.

Fellowships frequently cover the cost of tuition as well as offer a monthly stipend. Universities and colleges, governmental organizations, and foundations typically offer fellowships. In order to do research on a particular topic, fellowships are usually obtained while pursuing a graduate degree. These are monetary and other perks given in exchange for conducting research.

What is Scholarship Program?

For universities as well as colleges, a scholarship is a financial assistance awarded to the students to help them. A student receives this financial assistance depending on their academic performance or other factors. Scholarships are intended to assist students in covering the cost of an undergraduate degree.

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Scholarships come in different types; however, need-based and merit-based are two of the most popular Scholarships. Grants, waivers of tuition fees, and fellowships are all examples of scholarships.

It is a great strategy to help students succeed in their education—typically higher education. Scholarships can cover a range of expenses commonly associated with higher education.

Some scholarships act like a one-time check, while others are renewable and provide financial assistance for each and every semester. This monetary award is distinct from loans for students in that there is no repayment obligation. Scholarships could be entirely or partially financed, which implies that they may pay the entire cost or only a portion of it.

Scholarship programs can be offered by different sources, including Universities and colleges, various clubs and organizations, individuals, and the government. Students could get a cheque in their name for the money directly. In other instances, the participant’s school receives the funds. The student then reimburses the university for any difference in tuition, housing, and other costs that are owed.

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Difference Between Fellowship and Scholarship

Let’s take a look at the significant difference between scholarship and fellowship programs.

Financial Assist

Because financial help is always included in a scholarship program, a scholarship is distinct from a fellowship. After winning a scholarship, students may anticipate getting financial support. But that isn’t the case with fellowships. The university confers a status known as a fellowship. Financial assistance could be a part of it, but that isn’t always the scenario.

Another way to be acknowledged and recognized is to receive a fellowship or be admitted as a mentor at a college. Graduate students who are given the title of “fellow” often have access to the school’s library as well as other research resources. Scholarships are basically a type of financial help for students, whereas fellowships are awarded to people with more outstanding qualifications.

Program Availability

A distinction exists between Fellowship and Scholarship based on Program Availability. Yes! A scholarship program is available from the early academic career stage. You can apply for a “scholarship” at the school well before beginning your undergraduate education at the university. On the other hand, the fellowship program is available only for the graduate level.

It holds true for undergraduate programs as well. The term “scholarship” refers to all forms of financial help offered to undergraduate students. It may be referred to as Fellowship when it relates to research activity. Students who are very interested in a particular research topic may be eligible for graduate-level financial help, sometimes known as a fellowship.

Applicant Study Level

There is also a difference between Fellowship and scholarship in terms of applicant’s study level. Students who excel academically and have appropriate professional experience are eligible for fellowships. Candidates with merit are also given access to the scholarship program. Professional background, however, is not significant in this case.

Coverage of the Program

The scholarship is solely dependent on financial assistance. No further advantages in terms of job, standing, or other possibilities will be provided. Fellowship does not just depend on financial support. When research fellows make a contribution to the educational system, they may receive recognition, prestige, a job, or perhaps nothing more than a desk and computer.

Wrap Up

Scholarships and fellowships often entail financial support for students, researchers, or anybody else interested in the pursuit of knowledge. Universities, research facilities, academic institutions, laboratories, the government, and organizations all offer fellowships and scholarships. This article may help you to get the proper idea and to understand the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship.

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