What Happens If You Fail the State Test?

State tests are necessary to judge the educational prowess and weaknesses of the students. It allows the families to know the quality of the education and how their kids perform. However, state tests have turned out to be stressful for many students. They often fear failing exams. Thus, they are concerned about its consequences.

So, what happens if you fail the state test? Also, is it possible to avoid the state tests, and what happens if you miss them?

Most state exams allow you three attempts more if you fail the exam. You will only need to sit for the exam for the failed portion only. However, it has different preconditions. So, let’s take this discussion deeper to understand better the state tests, their effects, and ways to come up with flying colors.

Fail State Test
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What Really Happens When You Fail the State Test?

State tests are for students from grade 3 to grade 8. Some states also have tests in particular courses only for students in grades 9 to grade 12. The tests will usually examine the students’ aptitude and related educational qualifications. Also, it is helpful to receive financial aid and supports from the states to complete the remaining study.

Thus, passing the state test offer superior benefits for students. Naturally, they will work harder and wish to get better results. But what if you fail? Will it bring any serious consequences for you?

The good news is that failing state tests allows you to advance to the next grade with some quick preconditions. Typically, the state test authority will permit you three more tests to pass the test. You can only sit for the test on the subject you have failed. Once you pass the failed portion within the three attempts, the testing authority will publish your detailed results.

Long story short, failing the state test for the first time isn’t a big deal. You will still be left with three more chances to pass the test. Just ensure that you don’t ignore the second and third chances.

If you fail the state tests on the first attempt, you must try harder to pass the failed portion on the next attempt. It brings us to the importance of being attentive and working harder than you usually do.

You will not be promoted to the next grade if you don’t pass the state test even after your 4th try. Also, you won’t receive any financial aid for the following year. Plus, you will need to take up the classes you have failed.

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You need to take your failed courses

School authorities will extend their hands when you fail the state test to help you out properly. They will offer you extra classes and special attention. Schools may arrange extra classes during summer to help you pass the test the following year.

Also, many schools will assign an education counselor to look after you. They will determine your strength and weakness in the subject you have failed. Afterward, they will prepare a particular syllabus and arrange the additional classes accordingly.

Moreover, you will conduct a close inspection for the next few months as the school assesses your progress. It means you must be on your toes to go through the scrutiny phase. Failure to fail the test can deter you from progressing to the next grade.

Hence, not passing the state test even after multiple tries will bring consequences:

  • You will need to take extra classes during the vacation to address your weakness in the course you have failed. Thus, you should attend these classes during the entire summertime.
  • The education counselor of your school will consult with you. He will try to figure out the reason for your failure. Also, they may suggest ways to overcome the weaknesses.
  • Finally, you must attend and be attentive to the extra classes. Teachers will pay additional care to you and observe your progress.

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What Happens If You Don’t Take The State Test?

State tests are essential to judge the quality of the education the students receive. The equal standard of the tests across the state will examine all the students through the exact measurements. So students can know their actual standing among all the students in their state.

It directly shows the importance of taking state tests. Nonetheless, students may sometimes need to opt out of state tests for unavoidable reasons. So, can you opt out of the state tests? What consequences might happen when you don’t take the state tests?

There are no strict rules for those who opt out of the state tests. So, parents are free to withdraw their kids from taking the state exam. Parents can send letters to the principal of their kid’s school. There on the letter, they can request the school principal to withdraw their students from taking the state tests. Some schools may call you up and want an explanation. They do it only to ensure that their educational system is going right.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the explanation at all. You should state why you don’t want your children to sit on the exam. After that, the school authority will start processing the withdrawal mechanism for your kids. Two to three days to ensure that your kids have successfully opted out of the state test.

Good Score in State Tests

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Tips on Getting Good Score in State Tests

As the state testing season advances, you must be worried about getting a good score there. So, how do you secure a satisfactory score on the state tests? You can follow our top five suggestions to ensure your desired score on the tests.

  • You must first set a positive mindset and focus on your goal. Parents must promote a positive mindset for their kids and motivate them to work harder. As parents, you mustn’t force your kids to learn attentively. Instead, you should make the learning process for the kids fun and enjoyable.
  • As parents, you must make sure students participate in enough practice tests. You can find the practice tests on different educational websites. The practice assessment will help the student know about their strength and weakness. Also, students can manage their time better and fix their schedules.
  • The chance of doing good on the tests depends mainly on the physical and mental health of the students. Thus, parents must ensure the students’ proper diet and physical well-being before the state tests. Instead of putting pressure on them, be friendly and inspire them. Also, ensure proper diet and encourage them for continuous betterment.
  • Studying and preparing for the state tests doesn’t mean only studying for hours. Students must also have proper refreshments to keep their heads free from anxiety. As parents match their children’s study time and recreational activities, it keeps them in a good state. So they will be better prepared for the tests with a free mind.
  • Finally, arrange a proper schedule and progress sheet for the students. It would help if you prepared the schedule two months before the exam. It will focus more on the weaker courses of the kids and allot more time for their preparation. Also, distribute the time properly to help the kids revise all the courses adequately.

When parents follow these rules for their kids, it ensures a good score on the state tests. You must never forget that state tests are essential for your kids’ future. When kids get good results on these tests, they will be encouraged to work harder. Also, schools will recognize their efforts and take extra care of them in the following grades.

Last but not least, with a good state test score, students will be more serious about their studies. So they will be more likely to shine better in the future and get admission into their desired university.


State tests evaluate the students’ aptitude and quality of education in their schools. It becomes vital to determine the weaknesses and strengths of the kids better. As parents and school authorities, you must encourage the children to score well on these tests.

Nonetheless, failing the exam can be embarrassing for the students. When it happens, parents and school authorities must take extra care of the students. Instead of rebooking them for failure, you should encourage them to study harder. Kids will take the encouragement and inspiration seriously and work harder to pass the state tests on the next attempt.

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