What do universities look for other than grades?

University admission is quite crucial to all students and guardians. Therefore, many people often question the admission process. Are grades important for admissions? Other than grades, what other things do universities look consider? To get these answers, consider this article. It explains facts about university admissions and things to keep in mind when applying for University. Read on!

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First and foremost, grades are essential consideration universities take when making admission decisions. However, there are other things the universities pay greater attention to before offering you a place. So, are you a student who wishes to learn more about getting a place in college or University? If yes, here are some things you need to pay attention to as you apply for college.

Essays and Interviews

Other than good grades, you need to send an application to the University of your choice. In your application, you can write an essay to explain yourself, the course you wish to take, and why they need to give you a chance.

You can include several merits to attest to your qualification for the course. After reviewing your essay, the University often invites you for an interview.

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In the interview, you get a chance to express yourself to the concerned people. They may ask you a few questions on the same. So, other than good grades, ensure you nail your university interview. Why? Because admission officers wish to hear a student’s voice in their application.

Extracurricular Activities

Most universities wish to admit all-rounded people who have so much to offer. Therefore, they are pretty keen on what the students can offer. When students are applying to University or college, they need to provide evidence of extracurricular activities.

Note that it is not just a document to prove you are part of it but also the depth of your involvement. For example, if you are part of the science club, you need to show your participation to help the club and society. High school students can achieve this qualification by:

  • Focusing on their thing of interest
  • Document all your involvement in the club
  • Outline all the activities the club undertakes and its impact on the society
  • Portray good leadership skills

If you follow these recommendations, you will have enough evidence to attest to your abilities, and the University is likely to consider you for admission.

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Recommendations from prominent counselors and faculty members

School support in the form of recommendations is another critical factor all universities consider. It holds a significant weight on whether you stand a chance in the school or not.

Teachers and faculty members are University custodians; hence their words are important. The recommendations need to explain in detail a student’s information explicitly. It explains why the University needs to give them a chance and their contribution to the class.

So, if you are a student and can get a recommendation from teachers, go for it. It would come in handy during campus admission.

Institutional Needs

Universities look for what they need other than students’ qualifications. For example, a music school can only admit many music students. So, it would be best if students consider an institution before sending an application.

Research the schools available and ensure you get the right choice. Why? Because when recruiting students, universities try to fill out the available seats based on their needs.


Universities are famous for admitting talented students in different departments such as music, sports, esports, science, computer, etc. So, it’s advisable to mention it in your application if you have any talent.

Highlight that you will use the opportunity to help the university win awards and contribute positively to society. Note that you must have evidence to attest to your claims.

Discipline Records

Every University wishes to have well-disciplined students. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a good record throughout your high school life.

Sometimes even with good grades, you might lose an opportunity because of criminal records. So, every student who wishes to join a good university must have a clean record. Do the right things in the right place.

Volunteer Services

Besides what you can do, universities check if you give back to society. Do you volunteer for different chores? These actions prove that you are a remarkable and selfless person willing to give back to the community.

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It demonstrates that you will use it in the right way if given an opportunity. Therefore, it would help to spend your high school days in the best practices.

Highlight all the necessary details so that the University can confirm your contribution. Volunteer services come in handy and give a good picture to the admission officers.

School participation and leadership skills

University admission officers wishes to include engaging individuals on their campuses. The best way to prove such abilities is to be an active student and maybe have a record of your leadership.

Students need to document their journey in school and highlight all the vital tasks. All these documents prove that you will contribute fully to the University if given an opportunity.


Going to a good campus is one of the biggest dreams of many students. After all, most of them spend their high school years working hard to qualify for their dream university.

However, many people don’t understand much about the admission process. Other than grades, other things matter; hence, this article explains some of the standard things that top universities consider when admitting learners. Read through the information above for a better understanding.

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