The most common reading problems in children

The reading as like as writing is a key moment in the development of any child. However, there are children who have serious difficulties when learning to read and who need help from both their parents and the teachers themselves.

Common reading problems in children

In the following article we will tell you what the most common reading problems among children are and what to do to solve these problems.


It is without a doubt the most common reading problem among children. The dyslexia causes the child to have serious difficulties in recognizing letters and pronounce certain words.

This problem can affect one’s writing, spelling, and speech itself. It must be made clear that dyslexia is not at odds with the child’s intelligence. With the help of a good professional and timely treatment, the child can read and write without any problem.


It is a disorder that can make the child have serious difficulties when it comes to concentrating and not reading as he really should.

The child with ADHD is too restless and unable to enjoy reading himself. In this case, a good treatment is key so that he is able to read without any problem.

reading problems in children


It is a disorder that affects the child’s auditory system, which is why he has serious difficulties when it comes to processing the information he hears.

Apart from that, he shows problems when it comes to correctly pronouncing certain words that he has recently learned. Everything will have a negative impact on learning to read, however with good treatment the child can read without any problem.

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Late bloomer

This reading problem appears from 6 years of age and because of it the little one does not have the necessary skills to be able to read and write.

The help of teachers and parents is a key so that learning is adequate and the child ends up knowing how to read.

What to do if child has reading problems

  • The first thing parents should do is talk to the teacher. It is important to know first-hand what problems the child has when reading.
  • Another element to value is to ask for an evaluation at school and from there, to be able to act in the best possible way.
  • Once it has been established that the child has learning problems when it comes to reading, it would be advisable to go to a specialist to treat him appropriately.

problems when reading

How to help a child who has reading problems

  • When it comes to helping the little one, it is important to find the cause that causes these problems when reading. It is important to pay attention to observe the problems in detail.
  • The work of parents is very important when it comes to overcoming these problems, so it is advisable to spend a few minutes a day reading together. Practicing is a great way to gradually improve his reading.
  • On the other hand, it is good for parents to encourage the habit of reading and the little one to become familiar with books. It is a good way that he can gradually overcome such problems when reading.

Ultimately, it can be quite frustrating for a child not knowing how to read correctly. However, with the help of parents and teachers, the child can improve in learning and end up reading in a correct and adequate way.

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