We know you’re worried about failing, so we teach you to prepare before your exam so you can make sure you do it well…..

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The acquired knowledge is important for the examination, but the final result depends on many factors that must be learned to control. Below we publish, albeit in a summary form, 10 keys that can guarantee an optimum result in any exam:

1. Preparation

Follow a process of active and programmed learning, also adjusted to the type of exam – test, written, oral, and practical. Devote the eve to review, reinforce and strengthen.

2. Self-evaluation

Design, search and perform exercises and exams very similar to what is going to be done, adjusting times, reviewing the answers and learning from mistakes.

3. Conviction

Believe in your own ability; valuing your knowledge and adequate preparation; rely on your competence to perform the test properly.

4. Nerves

Arrive rested, with sufficient time, with the necessary material; before starting, try not to review, talk about the exam and avoid nervous companions.

5. Time

Know, distribute and control the available time to perform the entire test, and to answer each question. Read, plan, write, and review.

6. Self-control

Focus on positive thoughts; if you remain blank, tranquility will help you remember; you can move on to the next question and resume it later.

7. Precision

Follow the instructions, carefully read the statements and the information it provide. Know the value of each question and the scoring system.

8. Answers

Comply with what they ask for. Summarize, define, schematize, compare, develop … if possible, leave blank questions, and answer at least with some idea, a scheme.

9. Presentation

Caring for content, structure, form, calligraphy, spelling, grammar and presentation; facilitate the correction to the examiner.

10. Review

Reread, revise and review all content before submitting. Confirm that you have answered correctly. If possible, go to the subsequent review of the exam to learn. The evaluation exercises are a challenge, an opportunity for learning. These are an occasion to demonstrate that you have acquired, assimilated and internalized a series of knowledge that you will probably have to apply later in real environments.

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Whatever the outcome of an examination, it should be remembered that the note is not a measure of personal worth. It is the result of a performance at a punctual moment, a product not only of knowledge and skills, but also of the effort and level of preparation, the degree of self-control and the way in which this concrete test has been effectively carried out.

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