Secrets to improve your learning ability and memory

Do you have to prepare for an exam and want to improve your memory? Below we offer a few tips that you can better use your study time to increase your learning ability.

improve learning ability

Distinguished what is worthwhile

Undoubtedly study something requires a lot of hard work. To facilitate the task your brain, it is necessary that you learn to differentiate what is really worth to retain. The more effort you put in, the better you will learn.

Try several technical study

Students achieve better performance on tests when they use various techniques of study during the previous days. For example the process of recording an audio note taking in class, developing comparative schemes, associating ideas or carrying out mock test questions for practice.

Do a summary by hand

Instead of reading hundreds of times the same material, it is more effective once read and write by hand a brief summary of what you understood. Then return to read the material and confirms if you could take the main ideas and edit it if you missed something.

Retainer images

A useful technique is the photographic memory. To do this it is important to observe where you are studying, organizing your summaries, the colors used for each topic, schemes, arrows and concept maps that you elaborate. Then close your eyes and try to mentally reconstruct using your imagination.

This way when you’re sitting at the desk in the classroom you’ll be able to do and you will remember the information based on the image held back in your visual memory.

Do not exhaust to your brain

In life, it is not necessary to limit things because you can cause some unwanted. For it not do that with your brain, forcing it to exhaustion. Learn how to separate your study days to have moments of rest that allow you to regain energy and follow.

Play, read, and keep your mind active

Are you planning to take a year off? It is important to keep your mind active to encourage thinking and not let it sit for a long time, which may provoke difficulties due to resume your study.

To do force yourself to play word games like crossword puzzles, read interesting information, learn a new language, playing a sport and being active.

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