How to learn a language in a few weeks?

Perhaps you dream of doing an academic exchange but something holds you back: the language. There are effective secrets to learn a language in a few weeks. Get to know them!

learn a language

Memorize phrases for everyday situations
Some experts in the field say that a person can learn basic communication skills in a few weeks, and master the basics of a foreign language in a few months’. The essential thing is to prioritize basic knowledge, such as vocabulary specific to your needs.

To this end, phrase books and tutorials on YouTube can be very useful at first, because they provide the vocabulary for basic conversations with native speakers. This is the first step to learn a language. Michael Geisler, vice president of a language school in the US, learned mandarin in a short time. He makes sure that his secret was to prepare something similar to a script with questions and responses to answer of memory to the classic questions that raise him to every foreigner.

Then, to move forward, the important thing is to encourage you to talk. If you do not throw for fear of making mistakes the process it will be much slower. Experts recommend not to be afraid, “many people do not progress if they do not open their mouth”, notes Michael Geisler, vice president of Middlebury College language schools in U.S.

Add the language to your daily activities
Like watching the news on television, or read a fashion magazine perhaps, for experts it is important to immerse yourself in the language. This means reading in the language and get used to listen to it and your hearing adapts slowly. According Geisler total immersion is essential to master and progress in learning a foreign language quickly.

Be sure to consume media in the foreign language. You can see films that you saw thousand times in your language, but the language you want to learn. Another idea can be read children’s books that are well explanatory and simple.
The Middlebury College language school vice president said that students have to do from sports to theater in the language they are learning. With this technique achieves the ease for talks within a few weeks.

Get in touch with native speakers
Students and native speakers is paramount. To socialize and get to know them you can do volunteer work for example, or joining a group meetup of language immersion. Talking to these people will help to have someone to help you when you make mistakes and correct you and to progress.

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