You just graduated from high school, left off in the university to study the career of your dreams and is approaching the first day of classes, so you’re nervous, excited and worried. It is normal to start something new to panic you, but rest assured that we will give you a few simple tips so that you prepare yourself.

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Tips for the first days in university

  1. Know your university: Surely you knew, from beginning to end, your high school, but the campus is much larger and it is important that you cover it and familiarize yourself with it. It is also super fun walk around campus and see the diversity of people who study there.
  2. Do not miss the first day: Sure we are tempted to skip those first days of school, which is almost never done anything apparently productive, but it is very important to be there to know how the routine of the university and its functioning.
  3. Socialize: The university experience is much richer if we have to share it, college is not only a place to learn about a career but also to make new friends and interact with people who share our interests.
  4. Once you have your schedule, organize your time: Takes a day all your matters, leaving time for studying, make your extracurricular activities and meet the obligations of classes.
  5. Explore what you can do within the university: The university not only offers education related to your career but there develop many activities which can benefit your personal development, and investigates what is involved and participates.
  6. The university experience is most enjoy when we are linked to our institution and we relate to your identity, for this reason we recommend you that to participate in all the activities to be carried out, organizations, assemblies, groups.
  7. Open yourself to the diversity that gives the university, of insurance it will have you to be related to very different persons, from different social classes, races, ages, this is extremely positive, not you shut to share with others, to knowing the different thing, this is a part of your education.
  8. Put together a study group: Group study is super beneficial and ensures efficiency in learning concepts also gives you greater confidence. This is not to memorize the ideas in a book but to share points of view with others.
  9. Do not give up, at first it may be hard to adapt to a new system of studies, but the most important thing will be to persevere and not let the first obstacles you overcome.

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