Parent Involvement Activities Ideas for Preschool

Engaging parents in the learning process of preschoolers is extremely important for balanced development. But it may seem challenging to involve parents in the process due to the busy lifestyle of most parents.

We have some parent involvement activities ideas for preschool here. These activities will help you increase parent involvement to deliver a better learning experience for preschoolers. It’ll allow parents to know the environment of preschoolers and what strategies are used to develop their kids’ skills.

Check these ideas and make sure you include them in the routine to make this an ongoing process.

Parent Involvement Activities Ideas for Preschool

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Why Should You Involve Parents in Preschool?

Preschooling isn’t all about stuffing the children with lessons. It is more of a mental development and that gets only better when the kids are with their parents. Here are some benefits of involving parents in preschool.

  • It lets you introduce kids to the world outside the classroom
  • Parents can closely watch the behavior of their children in school
  • Kids are encouraged to do better due to recognition and feedback
  • Parents develop an involvement practice that benefits kids in the long run.

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15 Parent Involvement Activities Ideas for Preschool

Here is a brief overview of the activities you can undertake. Modify them if necessary.

Parent Involvement Activities

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1. Schedule Parent Meetings

This is probably the most effective way of engaging parents in their child’s learning process. Schedule parent meetings every month if possible and let them know about the overall development of their kids.

2. Arrange Get Togethers

Other than formal parent meetings, you should invite parents to meet with other parents and their kids. Let every parent take a chance to introduce them to others and make a community of parents.

3. Make Parents Familiar with the Schooling Process

Some parents might haven’t thought much before sending their child to your school. Make them familiar with how the school operates and what lessons you give preschoolers. It will grow a sense of reliability in them.

4. Arrange Storytelling Nights

This can be applicable to both kids and their parents. Invite everyone to come to the stage and tell their stories one after another. Encourage kids to share their good work with everyone to motivate others. Include parents as well so that they get more interested in guiding their kids to do good work.

5. Reward Active Parents

Besides rewarding kids for their satisfactory performance, active parents should also have recognition. Identify the most active parents and share some gifts with them to encourage other parents. No matter how simple the gift is, it works like magic.

6. Let Families Showcase Their Arts

It is a great way of involving parents or families in the learning process. Tell kids to create some sort of artwork with the help of their families. After the submission, host an exhibition with the artwork and let parents choose the best performer.

Get to Know Parents Personally

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7. Get to Know Parents Personally

When you try to know parents and let them know you better, it will help them grow trust in the schooling process and share all the necessary details. Try to collect as much information as possible regarding a child’s family environment.

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8. Make a Parent Room In the School

Treating parents well in the schools is key to holding their encouragement to come to the school. Give them a red carpet treatment every time they come to the school. And create a dedicated space for them to talk with other parents or do something else.

9. Send Reports to Parents

Most parents always want to know how their kids are doing in school. You need to send some sort of report to present the overall activity of the kids in the last week or month to engage parents.

10. Ask for Parent Feedback

You can hand evaluation forms to kids and ask their parents to send their feedback on how to improve the learning and development process. If possible, implement their suggestions and let everyone know whose idea it is. It will encourage them to be more involved in the process.

11. Arrange Parenting Classes

All parents may not be aware of the right parenting techniques. You can arrange a workshop on parenting every month and invite parents to join the workshop for the betterment of their kids. Invite experts to talk with parents about different aspects of good and bad parenting.

12. Create Photo Galleries

You can create a photo gallery with the picture of every kid with their parents. Let parents know why you are taking pictures and show them the gallery when completed. Creating a hall of fame is also a good idea to keep the parents motivated.

13. Host Dinner or Bar-B-Q Nights

Food can always make the environment much more enjoyable. Arrange informal dinners with parents and kids. It can be a great way to teach dining etiquette to kids. Let kids serve the food and ask parents to share some funny stories to make the evening wholesome.

14. Appoint a Dedicated Staff for Parents

Whenever parents come to the school, a well-trained staff should welcome them and try to provide all the information they need. Make accessing the school easier for parents so that they feel free to come to you.

15. Invite Parents to the Classroom

Bringing parents to the classroom to see how their kids are being taught can increase their trust in the schooling process. Whenever parents come to the school, let them take a sneak peek of the classroom without hampering the flow.

Final Words

When parents align with the schooling process, they can teach kids a lot better at home. This is why you must involve parents in the process. Use these family involvement activities ideas for preschool to engage them more effectively.

Give them the feedback they need and ask them to give their input to improve the overall learning of the kids. It will not only help kids grow better but also make the school stand out.

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