Learn languages ​​with these simple tricks

It does not matter. The days before the test increase our levels of stress, tension and nerves. We stop sleeping well and it makes our food worse. Do you have to face a language test in college? Do not worry.

With these simple tricks you will be capable of coming on the day of the examination with confidence and serenity.

learn languages

Try new methods

The ideal thing would be to be able to live through a period in another country or go on vacation to implement what they learn. Timidity is proven to be the worst enemy of language learning.

Do not be afraid to err, the important thing is to learn. If you do not have the time or money to go abroad, you can always watch the original series or movies, participate in forums.

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Plan your study

Identify your weak points and put more emphasis on studying those parts of the exam that are weak.

Do you need to improve listening? As always listen music, series and movies in the original version.

Do you miss grammar? Take the exercise book and do not pause until you understand the rules.

Design your own curriculum

Spend half an hour a day to study the language. Try to change the calendar so that it is not monotonous and end up getting bored. If on Monday you have studied 30 minutes of grammar, on Tuesday dedicate yourself to listen a song and to do the transcription.

The routine can be tiring but remember that you are the sole and exclusive designer of this plan. Improve it and vary it according to your different needs to make it more dynamic. Just do not skip days if you want to be on time for exams.

Study with other

Although this advice is not useful in other areas, it is essential when it comes to study a language. Stay with a partner at home or in a coffee shop to strengthen your strengths and improve the weak.

Teaching your friend something that is wrong will improve your confidence. In turn, he can explain some concept or rule that you do not yet understand. In addition, it is the best option to simulate a conversation type to that you will be able to be the day of the examination.

Do that the language part of your life

Language is constantly present in our daily lives and this is how we learn. Do not think that studying English, French, Italian or German is an ordeal.

Do you like music? Then write and translate the lyrics of your favorite groups. Do you love Football? Start listening to the matches that the national network rebroadcasts.

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