How to undertake in the education sector

The proliferation of startups and the dream of Silicon Valley drive young people to start in the entrepreneurial life, whose possibilities are limited to the imagination. If you are interested in training topics, didactic apps or e-learning, take a look at these tips that will explain how to undertake in the education sector. It is an opportunity not only to make money, but to develop a business that will generate a contribution to society.

education sector

1. Mission of the enterprise

The premise that will guide your way is the elaboration of a product or service that solves a real problem in education, therefore it is necessary to carry out a market research to determine what the students in different levels, teachers, parents or centers need. It uses programs to know which terms linked with education are sought in Google, what are the questions that are repeated in Yahoo answers or what topics are recurring in the blogs and forums of the area.

2. Competitiveness

Business in the field of education is gaining importance because training is an essential value of the twenty-first century that tends towards the knowledge society. The potential in this area results in many entrepreneurs competing in a broad market but requiring real-time solutions to stay afloat. Free online academies offered by universities or recognized institutions are examples of successful businesses in this area or Khan Academy, which has interactive videos without having to connect to the Internet.

3. Analyze the public

An indispensable command in any type of company is to carefully study the audience that your product will receive to the segment that and decide if it will work with a single type of customer or will devote more. The needs will be different according to the student or the subject taught by the teacher to whom you direct your product. Think of a handful of questions that can be answered with the mission of your business and you will be well on your way.

4. Defined Product

The evolution of the educational system towards specific technologies that contemplate the faults in the learning-teaching process, obliges the entrepreneurs to create solutions that conform to the social reality. Teachers are increasingly concerned about equipping students with digital skills so that they can face the market of the future and memory learning is no longer applied in classrooms because it is appealed to the contextual application. If you create an application that works by repetition, it will not be able to survive because it will be a modern technology but with a rapidly disposable obsolete methodology.

5. Cloud and interaction

The cloud became the protagonist of modern educational tools because it allows the student to connect from home regardless of which country or time zone lives, should you point to an internationalization venture instead of solving a specific problem of your community. It encourages the exchange of large volumes of data without taking up storage space, as well as facilitating creations that appeal to interaction: no student of this age will take more than two minutes to understand a technology that does not tell stories, offers challenges, progress or allows to use several senses.

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