How to Make Friends in College if you are Shy [10 Easy Ways]

Till the time a person enters college, they can figure out if they are introverted or not. Such a person often seems to have only a few friends or no friends at all. But having friends makes college life much more vibrant and joyful.

So, how do you make friends in college if you are shy? Being friends with your classmates online can be the first step, as it is a safer encounter for shy people. Then, you can join extracurricular activities on campus to get familiar with more people. Slowly, you can develop a lovely friend circle that will make your college life more memorable.

Let me tell you more about how you can approach first and make friends in college, even if you are shy.

Make Friends in College If You Are Shy
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How to Make Friends in College If You Are Shy?

Depending on whether you are joining a 4-year college or community college, approaches can be slightly different. Whatever the method, the importance of friendship for college students is undeniable.

So, check the following approaches and try to apply what fits your case the most.

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1. Make Friends Online

Social media is a very powerful tool to make new friends. When you enter a college, the college might already have a social media page or group where students can connect.

Try to find out if there is a group for your class. If not, you can make one and promote it in your college groups. From there, you may find your classmates joining the group.

Start a conversation with your classmates over your course plan or something else. That first conversation is the hardest for shy people but will seem easier online. Once you talk with that person online, meet them physically in class, and you are one step ahead.

2. Participate in Class Activities

Though it can be a bit difficult for shy people to be engaged in class activities, it can be a good way of making new friends. When you engage in class, your classmates will notice you.

They might even try to approach you over a course topic. This way, you can proceed with the conversation and make new friends without approaching first.

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3. Roommates can be Good Friends

A dorm is an amazing place to find new friends. People living close to each other are bound to share small talk. Even if you are shy to start a conversation, respond to one when someone else starts.

Ask your roommate how their day was. Talk about their family, friends, interests, and so on. Over time, you might make a great friendship with your roommates.

4. Join Dorm Parties

On weekends, some of your classmates in the dorm may arrange a party and invite you to join. Don’t miss these parties even if you don’t like crowds. Go there and engage with one or two people.

Share some food with them or participate in fun games. These will help you get introduced to new people, who can eventually become your friends.

5. Join a Club of Your Interest

You may have a talent for debate or other activities. Most colleges have different clubs, such as language clubs, debate clubs, etc. You can join these clubs to find like-minded students. Among the friendship features, similarity and common experiences are vital.

Your passion can be a great topic to start a conversation with club members. And when you try to present your talent through club activities, more people might get attracted to you.

If they try to approach you, be cordial with them and try to take the conversation to the next level.

Find Study Partner
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6. Find a Study Partner

Course materials are nothing personal to discuss. As introverted people often fear discussing their personal matters with others, discussing study-related topics can be helpful. Once you find students who are active in class, you can ask them to be your study partner.

Don’t get disappointed or anxious if they already have a partner. Try to make a new study partner and start discussing course materials with them. This can help you if you are very shy about being in study groups.

7. Get an On-Campus Job

It can be a great way to meet new people every day. If you have an on-campus job, you must spend a certain amount of time assisting others.

The best thing about this method is you don’t have to approach anyone to make friends. Instead, they will come to you and begin the conversation.

Then, you can add to that conversation and try to make friends with them. This is a safer way to make friends in college for shy people.

8. Maintain a Friendly Demeanor

No matter whether you are going to class or returning from the library, always maintain a friendly demeanor to everyone. If someone makes eye contact with you, greet them with a warm smile.

If you are anxious to take the first step, this can be a good way to show that you are friendly. When someone asks for your help, or you are the one who asks, keep that smile on your face.

Your friendly and cordial behavior will make many new people approach you. When you can make college friends in the first year, it has a powerful effect on learning and graduation rates.

9. Attend Any Event Possible

Be it a seminar on business or a festival, try to attend every event in your college. These events bring many students together, and it will be easier for you to meet new people. If you have already made a friend or two, bring them to the event too.

It is daunting for shy people to meet new groups, but you will find it easier when your friend is with you. They might pave the way to making more friends.

10. Do Voluntary Work

As many events take place on campuses, they need a lot of volunteers. You can be one of those volunteers. The benefit of volunteering is you don’t have to interact with anyone first.

Instead, event organizers will set you up in groups where you can work with new people. Then you can make bonds while working. And this voluntary work will also give you an edge when it comes to the placement.


For shy people, even the easiest way mentioned here may seem uncomfortable at first. But once you start talking to someone new, you will start to overcome the fear or social anxiety. Then, making friends might be far easier for you.

As an introverted person myself, I used these techniques to make friends when I was in college. Choose whatever method is suitable for you, but starting a conversation online and talking with roommates are the easiest methods.

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