Self-introduction skills may vary from person to person. People with more social skills may not require a late-night preparation to introduce themselves to the new environment.

For introverts like me, it is quite a hassle, and it is a significant factor in implementing a good impression of you towards your classmates, colleagues and so on. I still remember my first day in school and all those leg-shaking moments.

Do you want a perfect introduction speech for your new classmates and teachers? Then take a peek at this article on how to introduce yourself as a student.

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Remember, you can always improvise according to your comfort level. There is no need to follow the exact instructions as stated below.

For Starters – Start with Greetings

The most respectful thing to do in front of the whole class starts with a lovely ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Greetings, Everyone.’ Start by throwing a question to your listening audience, such as ‘Are you all doing well?’ Then, straightly fall into the section where you mention your name.

Do not forget that you are about to introduce yourself inside a formal institution, so it will be wise to utter your full name with clear pronunciation.

The main aspect of this type of starter is to seek as much attention as you want from your fellow batchmates. The aim is to sound confident and be much jolly.

Your Birthplace

The next phase to add is to mention the place where you were born. If you are not staying permanently at that place, then you should also mention your current living place.

If you are from a memorable place, do not forget to add a little detail about that town to gather further attention from the listeners. You can even add some of the picnic spots in your local area and suggest your fellow friends and honorable teachers visit that place in their free time.

Some students even travel to multiple places from time to time based on their family’s financial status. In that case, it will be good to mention what you have in different states growing up and some of the pros and cons of those states.

Mention Your Last Educational Institution

Never forget to mention your last school or college! Mention its friendly environment, good instructors, and all those friends you left behind. If you are having a hard time leaving those in the past, share those emotions with the class so that they can provide you companionship for your betterment.

After cherishing all those past memories, make sure to address your listeners about the well-wishing of the upcoming moments or emotions you are about to experience in your new institution.

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Mention Your Family

When you are about to introduce yourself as a student, it is polite to mention your family members and their financial status. For example, you can start by mentioning the number of people in your family.

Then you can start with your father’s and mother’s names and occupations. If you have any older or younger siblings, do not forget to mention them. You can always lighten the mood by sharing some playful memory with your loveable siblings.

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Mention Your Hobbies

This is termed the most crucial part of how to introduce yourself as a student because this is where your fellow batchmates will judge you and start to like you or hate you.

Therefore, make sure to present your hobbies as playfully as possible. For example, if you like reading books, you can address some of the books and ask your audience, ‘Has anyone read it?’ If they have not, you should definitely suggest them to read that particular book. This will make you more approachable to making new friends.

Again, if you like basketball, you can invite some basketball players (if there are any) to come to your house and enjoy a match.

If you like creating artwork, you can mention some of your famous artworks and promise them to show those later after the class hour. You can spice up the conversation with some of the prizes you won from participating in several art competitions.

Mention Your Life Goal

Though many have observed that the life goal changes in different aspects of our life, it will not be a crime to mention your current aim in life. If you are a college student, it is definite to set up your own life goal. Sharing that goal with others might encourage both the speaker and listeners to communicate with each other in order to pursue that dream.

Mention Your Extracurricular Interests

Almost all colleges and universities are filled with clubs or organizations that focus on discrete extracurricular sites. If you have certain interests in some fields, feel free to mention those during your introduction.

This will help you to know students from other departments and will help you broaden your friend circle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to introduce myself in one minute?

In this short period, it is best to stick to all the vital personal information such as name, birthplace, and previous educational institution.

2. How to overcome the fear of introducing myself to others?

Practice makes a man perfect! You can try introducing yourself in front of a mirror repeatedly to gain confidence when you are in a public meeting.

3. How to provide an excellent ending to the introduction as a student?

After providing all the information about yourself, finish the introduction by addressing your audience like, “I hope you found my introduction quite lovely and thank you for your patience.”

3. Is it necessary to mention my father’s and mother’s occupations in my introduction?

It mainly depends on the duration of your introduction that you have available. In some cases, it might be necessary but not mandatory as well.


After visiting all the factors on how to introduce yourself as a student, one might learn that the goal of maintaining a good introduction speech is to keep the interaction and not make the speech too monotonous.

As we have already mentioned above, you can always improvise your speech. But the factors we provided are just essential to help introverts break their fear of communication.

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