Top 7 Suggestions On How To Make A School Day Go Faster

Every one of us feels bored in classrooms and schools at some point. The clock seems to be ticking slower, and time appears to come to a standstill. Yet, we have to spend the whole day in the school until the bell rungs.

At this point, we might want to know how to make a school day go faster. Thankfully, making a school day go faster isn’t rocket science. You don’t need to be Einstein to apply his theory of relativity to make time go faster.

Instead, you may stop looking at the clock. Plus, daydreaming for a while, paying attention to the class, and performing the tasks might help you pass the time. You may also try taking notes and might spend time in the library.

School Day Go Faster

When Does School feel Boring with Slowed down Pace?

As we describe ways to speed up school time, we should look into the causes that make school time boring and go slower. It will help us determine the reasons and find a solution, so school feels fantastic and enjoyable again.

  • Usually, loads of homework and continuous classes quickly exhaust us. As our mind fails to bear the piling homework and classes, we start feeling monotonous. It makes school time longer than it is, in reality.
  • If we dislike a particular subject, its classes will appear extended to us. For instance, apathy to math will make you feel that the mathematics class is 3 hours long when it is only 1-hour class. So, apathy for a particular subject is a cause of boringness in school.
  • School times become slower if there’s no scope for sports and entertainment. Students often like to indulge themselves in challenging and funny work. If students don’t find such opportunities on the school premises, they lose attention in the classroom. So, the school times start going slower.
  • Students will feel disturbed and bored in school without friends. When you have good friends with whom you can exchange thoughts and perform harmless naughtiness, it becomes easy to spend time. Oppositely, without friends, you will lose interest in school.
  • If you only pay attention to the classes, it becomes hard to make the day. It happens as if you are caged. Naturally, you will not be mindful in the classroom. As a result, school time becomes slower.

You see, the school day usually becomes lethargic whenever you feel bored. Thus, you must find ways to make every moment of your school day fun and joyous. And in the next section, we will discuss these ways to help you feel entertained in school.

How To Make A School Day Go Faster

Are you feeling bored in the classroom? Or are you biting your nails and waiting to see the extended school day going over somehow? If yes, you are in the right place to see how to make your dull school days funny and go faster.

1. Stop looking at the clock

Whenever you start looking at the clock frequently, time feels to have gone slower. Therefore, it is a common psychology of human beings to look at the clock whenever they feel restless. They want to see the time going over somehow.

But, in reality, it doesn’t happen. In fact, you are looking at the clock anxiously and hoping to hear the school bell ringing won’t work. Instead, it will make your time go even slower. Thus, you must stop looking at the clock at the first point.

However, stopping to stare at the clock won’t make the time go faster. You need to find ways to become attentive in classes.

attentive to the lecture

2. Pay attention to your lectures and take notes

You must be attentive to the lecture and take notes properly. Listening to your teachers and writing down the essential parts of your classes helps you in multiple ways:

  1. You will hardly notice when time has passed.
  2. The notes will help you understand the lectures better.
  3. It is helpful for your better exam preparation too.

You can point down the important notes one by one. Also, during breaks, you can discuss it with your friends. It will be helpful to pass the break times between the classes.

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3. Try writing something creative

Do you feel like being the next Shakespeare or J. K. Rowling? Why don’t you try writing a few verses or prose in the notebook? You can unfold your creativity and write it down. Moreover, writing in a class notebook is easy since teachers can’t suspect you.

As you start writing and imagining the characters, the time will fly in a blinking of the eye. Thus, 1 hour will seem like 10 minutes. Plus, with creative writing, you can impress your friends. Thus, it will be a great way to nourish your mind.

sketching in the notebook

4. Start sketching in the notebook

We understand that not everyone will be a writer. You may hate writing anything. If yes, drawing and sketching can be good options. You can doodle in the notebook. Just imagine anything and try drawing it.

You can caricature your face, friends, or even teachers. What’s more, you can start painting the doodles with different colors as you. You will be surprised to see how time has passed away so fast. Plus, it will help you improve your drawing and art skills.

If you plan to become a creative artist or engineer, these drawings and artworks will help your future.

5. Try making memes and jokes

Memes and jokes are the trends of the modern-day. There is hardly anyone who dislikes clever jokes and memes. If you are a meme lover, you can try out creating a few during the boring classes. Many youngsters run Facebook meme pages.

You may open one of such Facebook pages and post the memes. During the long school days, you may spend a few minutes figuring out the next meme and meme characters. It will help you pass the time and make it count too.

You can do the followings:

  • Think about the subject
  • Sketch the character
  • Write down the dialogue
  • Try out a few ideas for the jokes.

As you perform all these takes, the time will fly by speedily.

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6. Spend time daydreaming

There’s nothing better than spending a few moments daydreaming when school time becomes slower. Although many people discourage you not to daydream, it’s not so bad at all. You can think about becoming the next Bill Gates or Michael Jackson.

As you create a story in your mind, it will divert your energy. Also, after a few moments, the mind will start enjoying the story and increase the intensity of the daydreaming moments. Then, you can wander from one place to another to spend time.

Moreover, with daydreaming, you can let your mind explore different genres. It improves your creativity too. Thus, daydreaming in school isn’t as bad as most people think. So, follow our suggestion and start daydreaming. Maybe you can think of going to your favorite place or being a part of the next Harry Potter movie.

7. Do some fun work

Finally, you can try out a few fun works between the classes. For example, you can play a small quiz among students. Or take a challenge to complete multiple laps on your school premise. On top of it, you can even try completing a mathematical task faster through competition among friends. It will improve your analytical and mathematical skills.

On top of it, these friendly competitions will help you build relations. In the later part of your life, it will also help you learn time management with quick problem-solving skills.

A few of the fun works may include:

  • Problem-solving competitions with quick analytic ability
  • You can arrange smaller debates on current topics among students
  • During breaks, you can take part in sports such as volleyball or basketball
  • Engage in some gossiping with friends and classmates
  • You may visit the teachers to ask for bits of help with different tasks.

If nothing works and still the school clock ticks slowly, you should try taking a break. For instance, you may ask the teacher to go to the bathroom or loo. These small breaks will relieve your mind from additional stress.


There are many ways how to make a school day go faster. It depends on your choices and selections. However, nothing that works better to make the school day go faster is to be attentive in class. You may start solving the homework for the next class. Ask questions to your teachers to clarify the topics and even discuss them with your friends.

When you pay attention to the class, it will surely help you enjoy the school hours. Plus, it will be useful to perform well in the exams for better results.

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