If you want to become a criminal attorney or any other type of lawyer, this article is a must-read. That’s because of the procedural nature of how to become a lawyer in USA. It also requires not only hard work but also a substantial period of learning. But before diving into the process, it is good to learn your options. As a lawyer, you can choose to defend clients facing either criminal charges or represent them in a civil proceeding. On the other hand, you can be an attorney representing the complainant. Last but not least, you can be a government representative as a prosecutor.

become a lawyer in usa

Therefore, you are at liberty to choose to be a legal aid lawyer, corporate counsels, government prosecutors or defense attorney. Regardless of the path you choose, you can also narrow it further to one of the following areas. They include securities law, family law, intellectual property law, tax law or environmental law. There are other options ranging from conciliators, mediators to arbitrators. Whichever way you choose, you must become a lawyer first. As much as how to become a lawyer in USA differs from one state to another, the basics are common. Check them out!

Complete a Bachelor’s Degree

The first and foremost step of how to become a lawyer in USA is to earn a bachelor’s degree. As much as there are no particular courses for one to qualify for law school admission, some of them are an added advantage. They include those that equip you with skills such as research, logic, public speaking, reading as well as writing. That explains why undergraduate majors such as journalism, philosophy. Business, economics, political science, and English are common. Nevertheless, even students who have majored in the likes of mathematics also stand a chance.

Sit for the LSAT Exam

How good are you when it comes to critical thinking, reasoning, comprehension, and reading? That’s what this test aims to assess. The multiple-choice exam is administered by the Law School Admission Council. Ensure that you submit the scores together with your admission application.

Enroll in Law School

The next step of becoming a criminal attorney in Muskogee Ok or any other state is to join law school. That will mark the beginning of 3 years of learning skills that will help you in your career. Courses include torts, contracts, legal writing, property law, and constitutional law. Later on, you will be required to select among labor law, tax law and corporate law among other interests. Hands-on skills are also acquired through writing law journals, attending legal clinics and participating in mock trials.

Earn a Juris Doctor Degree

Upon completing law school, you automatically earn the Juris Doctor degree. It is nationally recognized and gives you the go-ahead to practice law. Therefore, after three years of studying at law school, you get to take home a Juris Doctor degree commonly known as J.D.


During your stay in law school, you might get an opportunity to do clerkship either for part-time or during summer. Utilize it to the fullest. That’s because it offers you a chance to work in a government agency, corporate office or law firm. If you are lucky enough, you might secure a job as soon as you graduate from law school and get a J.D.

Pass the Bar Exam

The bar exam that you need to pass depends on the state you want to practice law in. Some have their own exams. Others give a Uniform Bar Exam. If you get to do the latter, you can rest assured that you can practice law in any state that accepts the same. Once you do well, then you can practice law. Based on the likes of education background, representation of various legal scenarios, character, and competence, the bar will also give you a legal license.

Advance your career

You may want to become a lawyer or clinch a public position later. Equally important, you may also pursue a Master of Law or Doctor of Philosophy.


Clearly, this piece leaves no stone unturned as far as how to become a lawyer in USA is concerned. That’s why you can easily become a criminal attorney with the help of this guide. Given the rise in demand for legal services, it is definitely a great career path. The ball is now in your court. Do you have what it takes? If yes, get started now.

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