How do I know that they’re firing me?

Do you feel that your tenure at the company hangs by a thread? If so, you can not stop reading this article where we tell you what signs can help you realize if the dismissal is for cause.

There is no worse feeling in the workplace who feels that at any moment about to be fired. To you learn to identify the signs, here are some tips.

feels to be fired

You hear rumors and teammates not look at in your eyes
There is nothing worse than find out that your colleagues are talking about you behind your back. If you feel that this is happening and also do not dare to look into your eyes, do not hesitate to ask them what is happening.

Do not take into account in the decisions
Being part of a company involves participating in at least some of the important decisions. If you start to realize that your opinion is no longer considered, it’s time to talk to your superiors.

Follow your work closely
When managers are unhappy with your performance you are likely to start making a detailed survey of the tasks you perform. Take this opportunity to give all of you and avoid making mistakes.

Your company is in crisis
In the business world all is not rosy: in some instances it is necessary to make budget cuts and lay off employees. If you see that you can be one of those involved, do not hesitate to ask for a meeting with your boss.

Do not have a good relationship with your boss
Differences with your authorities can generate labor problems and end with a dismissal, so how much more you can avoid conflicts better.

You are not doing your job
People who do not fulfill their tasks are characterized by feel indispensable and exaggerate the importance of their work.

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