There are some mistakes we can make in the workplace and can be grounds for dismissal as being to do the indispensable minimal thing, to perform personal tasks during working hours, talking with friends over the account while work or continuously complain about the task.

ways to lose job

In the below we describe what are common mistakes that can lead us to lose the job.

– It is important to know what the boss expected of us and understand exactly what he need from us. The employee should not wait to learn what others expect from one.

– While it is important to put limits on what corresponds to one do and what is not neither always seen well to choose to do the indispensable minimal and demonstrate that the only thing important is to collect the salary to make ends meet. A boss will always seek someone with initiative.

– Perform personal tasks, such as shopping with the company car will never be well seen. To do so is likely to receive a wakeup call or directly get fired.

– To speak with your friends more of the due thing, even by chat or e-mail will mean a nuisance for your superior, also it will be reflected in the results of your work.

– Having a complaining attitude about work or salary, as well as other teammates can reach ears in your head who may take measures that adversely affect your work.

– People who work individually rather than for the team will be poorly considered, even those who steal ideas for the competition. Nobody wants to work with arrogant, selfish people who degrade others. Those who help his partners are, on the contrary, considered more intelligent and sympathetic.

– The personal affairs are desirable to keep them private, the telephone conversations as well as the personal errands it is advisable that they are private.

– The late arrivals as well as departures before time constantly tend to be considered as serious misconduct by the head.

– Postpone tasks creates changes for the other co-workers as well as a bad image of yourself.

– The office gossip is unavoidable but tries not to generate buzz. Otherwise, it may be considered negatively by bosses.

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