How can artificial intelligence help the universities?

Artificial Intelligence can affect the work of universities and educational methods…

Automation achieved thanks to the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence has changed various aspects of working life. Many professions so far carried out by trained personnel in the field no longer need to man, to be replaced by machines or software. Education will soon be hit by this development, to be prepared for firmly.

artificial intelligence in working life

The positions contrary to the advancement of technology have no place in education, as this is by nature constant renewal. All external element to the educational process that can help it deserves some consideration, and in some cases inclusion. The Artificial Intelligence is no exception to this rule, because apparently promises to benefit in various ways to higher education.

Given this unavoidable reality of automation, more and more jobs will remove college graduates we wonder: How might the Artificial intelligence to be beneficial for the universities?

First of all, it is noteworthy that the passage by the university could be taken as the starting point necessary to prepare graduates to live in a computerized world. How to find a job? How can a company want to hire someone who can get sick or have certain personal complications that lead him to leave the workplace rather than choosing a machine perfectly designed to not fail? How do you live in the day with Artificial Intelligence? How to take advantage of the IA for the benefit of the company? All these issues should be raised and properly clarified by the university.

As research centers, universities can become the ideal place to learn even more about Artificial Intelligence. This is the second benefit that could be obtained from an association seeking collaboration from a place of cooperation rather than pose a direct battle in which the stronger is the winner and the weaker left broken and aimless.

Finally, it is important to recognize that the abandonment of the educational system also be favored by the IA. To reduce this phenomenon, it is important to detect in time and form the causes that lead to adolescents to desertion, goal that the universities do not achieve until now.

Taking as a starting point a sincere analysis of the reality of the current educational and labor world, the collaboration between universities and Artificial Intelligence face to an improvement of certain indicators seems imminent.

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