teaching according to students

3 Keys that every teacher should be present to teach successfully

When presenting a new subject it is important to consider the method and dynamic used. Some issues can be very complex but all students can come to understand without problems using the specified method. Find out below how you can succeed in teaching. 1. Teaching according to students According to…

design thinking

Design thinking: is it valid to implement it in the classroom?

Design thinking is a concept that refers to the application of creativity and innovation to our actions, decisions and resolutions. It is a tool that focuses on feedback and interaction. Although its implementation is more widespread in work environments, it can also be used by teachers as a teaching tool…

qualities of a good teacher

6 qualities of a good teacher

If you are considering teaching as a profession, or already are a teacher, here we show you six qualities that you should incorporate. Allocate the time First of all, you have to know that the work involved teaching require much time, at least for those teachers who really engage with…

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