7 foolproof tips to optimize your online study

Do you study online? Do you sometimes feel you do not give up 100% on your materials? Do you have excessive work and consequently leave in 2nd term your studies? We know that online study also brings many advantages and it is important to get juice to each. So we leave you 7 tips to help you improve and optimize your online study:

optimize online study

Define your schedule and study days

Establishing and delimiting your study times are an infallible weapon, to begin with, the right foot in your semester, destine your times and especially respect them. To choose when minimum at least 1 to 3 days of study and 1 to 2 hrs for it will create a positive habit of learning and academic discipline.

Uses different methods of study according to your materials

We know we can not study in the same way for all subjects, because the areas of application of the knowledge acquired in each one of them are vary.

Select mental maps, summaries, voice recordings explaining the understood meaning and why not? It also takes videos of yourself exposing the theme of the week, after watching the video, you’ll understand and above all understand the main purpose and function of matter.

Set your goals

What would you get? Clear knowledge or just a passing grade? Ideally we could understand each subject, knowing its importance and why should I learn it? Each degree has its question of where to cut, if you chose Administration or Computer Systems for instance, is a particular reason, so absorbs all the information you consider to be appropriate within the subject and have clearer career goal on the study. Displayed on where you want to find yourself in 5 years.

Evaluate your progress

Make an analysis of the knowledge acquired, measure them based on results and continues striving, if you take 51% of curricular progress, taking into consideration the following: you are in the middle of the road! The most important and influential cities in the world were not built in a day, take them time to be considered as such, so if the road is hard, you’re going in the right direction.

Research with reliable information

Investigates, creates and improves the central concepts of the materials, the Internet is a double-edged sword, check sources where information comes from and if doubts remain, public libraries and virtual classroom can be resolved or questions to the professionals that you know and apply in the career that you’re studying.

Improving the presentation of your work

Spelling is super important, you are in the process of completing your degree have a higher level of education, you can not write a text with misused words; also justifies your text, used images of good quality and above all place sources, be original, why copy it to someone else if you can and have the intellectual capacity to create a new concept? Teachers will take into account these items, and certainly get an excellent and fair rating.

Healthy mind and body

There are foods that help and improve our learning as almonds, carrots, fish, cereals, blueberries and green tea. Knows the properties of each of them and consider them in your daily diet. Your intellect will raise its pace and appreciate enough, so undoubtedly you will remember everything learned during the course.

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