5 practical tips for more study time

Ask yourself: Can I get that new job with what I know and without studying anything else?

If the answer is “yes”, go ahead, Go for it!

If, however, the answer is “No” or “I’m not so sure”, then it’s time to make some adjustments.

more study time

One of the excuses with which I encounter every day is: “I want to get training, but I have no time to study”.

We can understand that work, family, household management, relaxation activities and social, among other things, can steal the time we could invest in professionally prepare.

Of all these “excuses”, the most common is “the workload does not allow me to devote time to study”. Although in many cases it would seem an honest excuse, is also curious how our work does not allow us to move forward and overcome us. It is a vicious circle.

Here are some tips for people who work or have many jobs and have been unable to find enough time to devote to their studies.

Set priorities: It is advisable to make a list of things that are really important to us and which should dedicate time. If the study and professional development are on that list, we are on track.

Organization: Keep study materials organized, available and in good condition.

Dedication: The time and the effort will bring you to success in any activity that develops.

Flexible hours: If you are a busy person, available sufficient time to study, if something happens, you can change your class to another day of the week.

Communication: Inform your bosses, friends, clients and family members your study schedule so that it is respected. Not everyone will understand the demands of being a student and work at the same time.

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Other tips:

  • Keep separate work and study
  • Manage stress
  • Be realistic
  • Remember why you’re doing it
  • Use online tools that are useful for time management as calendars, announcements, etc.
  • Measure your progress.

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