5 ways to get attention in your work

In any job it is important to be heard and taken into account to become indispensable. Either because you had an idea for a project, you have suggestions for the next event or want to participate in one of the most important meetings. The first thing you have to do is catch the attention of others; we discovered how below.

get attention in work

Would you like to get promoted? Or maybe lead a project? One key to job success is to have talent to draw the attention of others. When you get, the others listen to you and you make sure that the first step is met: who dedicate their time to be able to demonstrate all that you are capable.

Here we describe some secrets to capture the attention of anyone.

Adapt you speech to the context
Would you like your ideas really reach their destination? You have to worry about fit the context in which the expose. Think first how that audiences, what their interests are and how can you present them to take them into account and reject not the first to believe that they have nothing to do with them. Puts real emphasis in your words, and repeated if necessary concepts to understand and believe in your proposal.

Demonstrate you know about the topic
The area of our brain destined to take decisions it slows down when we get expert advice. That’s a good idea to introduce first, say you did a course in that subject or something that the other person makes you realize that you really know what you’re talking and consequently respect your opinion.

Using the element of surprise
You are in a meeting, already exposed everyone and really competed for which presentation was the most boring and monotonous. Do not fall into that. The secret to the attention of all those present – that surely are already tired of hearing so many people – is the element of surprise. Do something unexpected, support your words with dynamic multimedia material, get started with a question, any attitude that differs from their expectations and catches their attention.

Turned to their instincts
Humans instinctively react to certain stimuli. For example, if a room is full of women dressed in black and one red, we look at it. For that to work level you could use that kind of tricks, dress a colorful scarf or tie that you highlight, or even do something that differentiates you from your teammates, and take tea or coffee without someone asks. Surely you will fill your attention in a positive way; you will remember as a kind person and will create empathy.

Do your goals be tangible
Would you like to propose a super interesting project? The secret is that they may know from the start what your goal, not only through your words. Turned to photos, video, brochures, a prototype of what you want to achieve. In this way you will know what “reward” and will be motivated to want to achieve it.

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