There are more or less creative people in the world, that’s true. People who paint beautiful canvases, who keep their gardens full of flowers or who dominate an instrument to perfection. However, it is important to know that creativity is an intrinsic capacity to the human being. So why do not we stand out at all? Because still we have not learned to develop our creativity properly.

boost your creativity

Here are five actions you can take to boost your creativity. For this, do not forget that it is fundamental the cultivation of the spirit and the mind:

The majority of the mortals do not stand out in various activities. You may be good at gardening, writing or cartography, although it is rare to meet a person who is full of it. The key is to exploit what is good for you until you become an expert on the subject. Only then you will be able to use these skills to apply them to other fields and thus improve your creative skills.

It is important that you maintain a positive attitude and try to be happy. We live in a society that demands more every day, pushes us to be better, pushes us to get higher positions and more friends in the networks. The world of today wants us to have a fictitious happiness, being only fully happy in moments of our life. Forge your own destiny conforming to what you have, appreciating the small details and cheering for the good news from your friends and family. Only in this way you will be happy and develop your creativity.

It is impossible to achieve our goal without having a book at hand. Reading allows us to know new worlds, interesting characters and unthinkable situations. Reading at night makes our brain more creative, attentive and fast. So why do not we read? If when we get into bed we just want to sleep, try to rescue some story that has marked part of our life. Also, no matter what you read, what matters is the action, not the content of the pages.

Goya, Velazquez, Miron or Gehry have been great creative artists, although each one in their field. If you want to foster this ability, learn from the best looking for inspiration in your own works. Visit museums, attend art exhibitions, contemplate the buildings of your city and try to find the muse that you were looking for.

Children are the most creative people in the world. The problem is that when we grow, we stop being interested in the reason of the things. Go back to your childhood and know everything and how much you care. Also, do not think that creativity is a ‘people of letters’ sew, since you can also improve this ability through mathematics, physics or drawing.

You may find it difficult to concentrate and shape your creation with the noise and stress of the city. A creative artist is able to abstract himself to live in an alternative reality in which only he and his work inhabit. If you still do not know how to do it, help yourself to meditation.

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