In everyday dialogues the task of the teacher usually reduced only to “teach”, meaning that the fact of providing a lesson on a particular topic. However, the facts show that this must do much more to achieve effectively conveys some kind of knowledge to their students.

technology in education

It has been a long time since the teachers of this century discarded the classic plans and annual projections, preferring those more flexible that allow a closer approach to students and their needs. In the pursuit of this development, the classrooms themselves have changed, following the same development of students.

In an educational context surrounded by problems which, although not strictly respond to educational aspects, hurt the task made by the teacher in the classroom, it must fulfill other roles. The school bullying, the constant jokes and aggressions that receive all kinds of students make that they need new strategies that accompany these new realities. Because of this, students have changed, presenting some special needs that teachers should attend: stress, low self-esteem, pressure, etc.

It is at this point where technology comes into action, as a method to assist the teacher in eliminating differences in the classroom, and to empower students. Introducing technological elements strictly designed for educational environments allows, among other things, create collaborative environments in the classroom that eliminate the tensions that are generated outside of this but affect the learning that is intended to be transmitted there.

Google G Suite is one of the technological tools used by teachers seeking this purpose, more than 50 million participants among which can be found both educators and students. The Suite is basically a set of Google products (such as Drive, Docs, Slides, Google classroom, etc.) of which the teacher may use to create environments that integrate all students and to eliminate such differences demanding special attention by the teacher.

With this method, in addition to the benefits already mentioned, it is possible somehow prepare students for their professional future – in which will have to use these tools, and match them in the classroom since all use and handle the same tools.

It should be noted that while G Suite is one of the most widely used worldwide, there are other methods and other technologies applicable to the educational process with which teachers can assist all students creating a real climate of equality and learning within the classroom. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to