When Respect Isn’t Reciprocal: Signs Your Principal Hates You

Picture this: You’re in the office of your school principal. You’re well-suited, but you can still feel a chill in the air. Your principal is making direct eye contact and seems to be listening to you intently. Yet, something seems off. You feel your principal doesn’t like you as much as they did before.

And at this point, you might wish to know the signs your principal hates you. Only then can you try to figure out what’s happening. It helps you make quick decisions to return to your principal’s good book.

Thus, I’ll share common signs that your principal isn’t too fond of you. Also, you will learn how you can make positive changes in your relationship with them. So, folks, let’s get with it.

Signs Principal Hates You
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Signs Your Principal Hates You

Did you lately notice your principal ignoring you? Does he shrug his shoulder with a feeling of disapproval for whatever you do? That may be because your principal hates you. You may identify these signs from the following ones.

A feeling of ignorance:

Are you constantly being shut out of conversations? Did your principal ignore you in the hallways? Has your principal been avoiding eye contact with you? These could be signs that your principal doesn’t like you.

Plus, principals might pass by you without acknowledging your presence. Or, they might even make excuses to avoid conversing with you. This silence can make any situation uncomfortable. It is especially problematic during interactions between teachers and students.

All these signs might mean that your principal isn’t fond of you.

Your principal always seems to be angry with you:

At times you may sense that your principal is angry with you. They may disapprove of whatever you do. Also, it sends a feeling of anxiety among students. You will think that you have done something wrong, so your principal will be angry.

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Well, that may only be the case sometimes. Principals may sometimes be angry with their students for no particular reason. Conversely, you may have done something that they have yet to like. Some signs of your principal giving you cold shoulders are:

  • Unreturned emails, messages, and requests for meetings
  • Unwillingness to offer guidance or assistance
  • Unwanted criticism or nit-picking of your work
  • A shorter temper than usual when interacting with you
  • Pushing back on requests for resources or support

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One-sided and cold conversations:

Another common sign of a principal not liking you is a cold and one-sided conversation. You may feel that your principal needs to be conversing fluently with you. At times, you keep talking, but your principal only replies with the shortest answers possible.

It might indicate that your principal isn’t happy with your performance. Here are some signs that the conversation may be one-sided:

  1. Your principal needs to speak to you. It happens even when you make an effort to start the conversation.
  2. You often feel as if you are being talked down to. Or you feel your questions are unwelcome.
  3. Even when you make an effort to ask questions, they quickly dismiss your thoughts. And it happens without any further explanation.
  4. Your principal spends less time talking with you than talking with other students and staff. It indicates a need for more interest in your opinions and ideas.
  5. After meetings, there is little follow-up regarding progress made or tasks accomplished. It suggests indifference about results rather than engagement in development and success.

All these could be a sign that your principal is not pleased with you. Therefore, you must investigate what has created this situation.

Feeling singled out in class:

Are you the only one in class who your principal singles out? It’s common for teachers and principals to single out students in class. Your teacher may only call and ask questions that target you.

Otherwise, they generally ignore your contributions to the class. When other students don’t get similar treatment, it shows a sign of disapproval.

When this happens in the classroom, here are some signs to look out for:

  • Your principal never calls on you during class
  • Your principal rarely smiles when looking at you
  • Your teacher always asks more challenging questions to you than other students
  • Your teacher gives preferential treatment to other students during discussions or group activities
  • Your teacher seems distant or aloof when interacting with you

When you observe any of these things happening to you, be aware. Look at your behavior and performance to see what’s going wrong. You may also talk with your counselor for a direct answer to these disapproval signs.

Your principal talk down to you:

Has your principal been talking down to you lately? It could mean that they don’t like you. If they have been condescendingly speaking to you, it’s disrespectful. They might be using language to make you feel inferior.

As you feel you are talked down, you might feel uncomfortable and small. When it happens regularly, it is a bigger issue. Even when they’re joking, it often feels disrespectful and condescending. And it can be an awful feeling for students.

Some of the common examples of disrespectful conversation are:

  • Your principal makes unethical jokes at your expense.
  • They make fun of your decisions. At worst, they will laugh at your lack of knowledge in front of others.
  • Mostly, they will try not to recognize your opinion or ideas.
  • Being dismissive when asked for feedback.
  • Dismissing and ignoring questions as unimportant.
  • The principal might use patronizing language or tone when talking to you.
  • They may try belittling your accomplishments in even the slightest way. It will make students feel smaller and lower their confidence.
  • Principals will only listen to what you say and cut conversations short. So, you don’t find future interest in talking with them.

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They Are Trying to Make Your Life Difficult:

As it becomes worse, your principal may completely go against you. At this moment, they may even make your school and college life difficult. It will become harder for you to continue studying and scoring good results when it happens.

Principals may perform different tasks to increase challenges in your school and college life. It may include an increase in paperwork. Plus, they might need to add constructive feedback to criticize your ideas. The teacher may even deliberately schedule events so you can’t attend them.

They might be giving specific tasks to others instead of you. Otherwise, they can be passive-aggressive when communicating with you. All these small things can add up and make it seem like they’re trying to do your job hard. Hence, all these express that they don’t like or respect you.

But whatever the reason, these signs don’t just apply to principals. They can apply to other students, colleagues, or others in positions of authority.

The best way to find out why someone is mistreating you is to ask him directly. When everything else fails, contact your counselor for assistance.

Signs of a Bad Principal

As the head of a school or college, a principal must be amicable and easy-going. The reputation of the institute depends on its goodness. So, it can be worrisome when a school principal isn’t performing rightly. Also, it’s not a good sign when your principal has been giving you the cold shoulder.

Signs of a Bad Principal
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This is an issue that you must address quickly. Nonetheless, first, you must know how to differentiate between a lousy principal and one busy. Here are a few signs that could indicate your principal doesn’t like you:


The most obvious one is your principal has been avoiding conversations with you and your peers. That’s a sign they don’t like you or don’t want to talk to you. You might even feel like they’re actively avoiding eye contact when they see you in the halls.

It isn’t a sign of a good principal. They should give equal attention to every student and listen to them.

Snappy Responses

This can be anything from making inappropriate jokes to direct orders without any explanation. If this is something you’ve been dealing with for a long time, it indicates the mismanagement of your principal.

When a principal is performing inappropriate behaviors, that’s not good. It lowers their reputation in front of the students and teachers. Also, they will lose respect, making it harder for them to control everyone.

Low-Level Disciplinary Action

The principal must sometimes take disciplinary actions against students and teachers. However, a bad principal may be too harsh or soft while making these decisions. Also, they may need to take action against students who do more serious misbehavior. It doesn’t matter what their intentions are.

Of course, low-level disciplinary actions show their lack of self-respect and confidence. It impacts the school management incredibly challenging.


The last thing you won’t want in a school is to be in the wrong book of your principal. So, when you see any principal ignoring you, be careful. You must recheck your behaviors and try finding the actual reason for dislikes. Also, consider talking with your counselor and finding a solution. Or your school days can be miserable and forgetful.

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