How to prepare a thematic class for six years children

The importance of a classroom plan in which the involvement of the students and the approach of activities beyond the classroom is envisaged, will be the main key to prepare a thematic class.

prepare thematic class

The ability to focus on a subject from many different perspectives makes very attractive choice of thematic classes to work the skills of our students and their ability to relationship. The natural curiosity of children, play and planning will be our allies when it comes to interest and the secret of our success to prepare a thematic class.

A planned process
First we need a lesson plan, whatever the topic to present is essential to have prepared in advance an outline of the activities to be performed, the purpose, the material and the time we will devote to each of the activities of the thematic class. A lesson plan shall include at least three phases that can, in turn, subdivide more detailed way.

To begin it is necessary that children can identify with the subject inviting them to provide a personal experience related to the topic. This invitation should be in general for everyone to contribute something, for example, if we claim that we are talking about the subject matter of the transport can have some trip they have made, if it’s about gardening, six years children may be familiar with how to separate garbage. In this first phase we can be provided some visual aids such as photographs, videos or illustrations that can be used to initiate the process of dialogue.

Learning beyond the classroom
Once children have engaged with the subject matter will be passed to a second phase of presentation that will combine the information that we want to present in class with some kind of activity that will serve two fundamental things: children be involved actively and to go to evaluating learning. Depending on the subject being treated can be programmed activities for children to do them in groups, through play or even interactive resources according to availability of the same.

We must consider how we are going to consolidate learning programming with some type of activity carrying the children out of the classroom. We can think of to raise some task which will build on the theme that has worked, so the kids find some information or experience related to the subject. The class must be the engine that puts into operation the capacity for surprise and learning after coming out of the classroom. These are the secrets to prepare a thematic class.

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