How to learn professional typing

In today’s society, it is virtually impossible to escape technology. Learn typing like a pro to join the ranks of technological knowledge. Writing is a skill that is installed in the minds of many students, but not all learn the skills they need to write professionally. Write professionally with a typewriter, means use the keyboard in a correct way, be able to write at a rapid rate per minute and not having to look at the keyboard while typing.

learn professional typing


  • Place your hands in a position of writing. Put your thumbs on the space bar and your other eight fingers in the other row with the letters A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K and L. This is the position of the hands to which you must return along the process of typing.
  • Move your fingers outside of this position to start writing the words. Economize your movements as much as possible, using the fingers that are closer to the letter that you have to write. Practice to write a page in a workbook by using the word processing software.
  • Say aloud the letters as you type the words slowly. This will help you memorize the location of the keys. Remember to place your fingers back on the main row when you finish writing. Practice until you are faster and feel the process easier.
  • Write few pages of a book, without looking at the keyboard to work on memorizing the position of the key. Do not worry if you have a lot of mistakes at the beginning. Keep practicing every day until you can type without looking at the keyboard, and the speed has improved.

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