Do you feel that your child is easily distracted? Does his teacher tell you that in class he is not concentrated? It is clear that your child has a problem of inattention that can affect school performance and in general their learning.

How to help a clueless child

It is a problem that must take seriously because it will determine their personal development and should work with their mentors to develop strategies and habits that serve to address this behavior and will prevent more. In this article we explain how to help a clueless child.

help clueless child

Defile lack of problems

First and foremost is to define the lack of problem of your child attention, there are many ways to lose concentration and so you can set goals to achieve it. You can check this How to improve the concentration of children

If your child does not hear you or is not able to read and follow instructions previously established, in the end what will happen is that you will have no idea what is being asked.

In this case, it is possible that over time has come to accumulate a considerable amount of doubt and ignorance. You will have to help him to be informed and be their support without judging him.

Implement technical study

It is also possible that your child will rush to solve tasks without really understanding why or how.

To help with this particular clueless behavior, you will have to implement technical study as recommended by his teacher. If he does not understand what is being done, he will never resolve such issues, or it is possible that only he memorizes them without assimilating.

Dind the cause of Distraction

Another of the circumstances that may arise is that he knows to resolve any issue but being distracted and not finish it.

If so, you have to figure out what your child gets lost, there may be a problem that concerns, something that disturbs him… Children are like sponges and absorb all the energy from the environment, talk to him and find the cause of his constant distractions.

Reward your child

Your child may be confused because he is bored or even be unmotivated. It will have to assess the origin and put a solution immediately.

Talk with his peers, with his teacher and watch it to find the cause. If they eventually need support of any kind, give it. You’ll also have to set achievable targets and as they get, reward their accomplishments.

Reward your child with praise and with small prizes (such as redeemable points system) to serve as a stimulus. If you want to help your child to be less confused, for example it is advisable to do homework after some physical exertion.

Repeat aloud

Other habits that will help to break with that clueless attitude is accustom to repeat aloud what to do, it is as if you were giving orders. Although it may seem an act without importance, the fact of saying to him what to do loudly, involves remember, follow each step and achieve goals.

Fun and visual way

A fun and visual way to help a clueless child is hanging papers with messages or drawings that tell him what to do.

Another habit that can teach is to divide tasks into phases, so you can gradually evaluate their performance also will be easier to accomplish small steps and everything seems possible.

Use games

If you want to help your child with his absent-minded behavior you can also use certain games. There are many that enhance attention and concentration; in the end everything is possible with a little training and patience.

There are the games of memory cards, those of couples, discovering hidden elements, to look for differences between images, questions with several possible answers, games with roleplaying characters with fund history, draw silhouettes with dots, sort cards by sequences… the options are many and will be a great resource for foster care of your child. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to