From Universia we have identified several types of toxic classmates. Know your modus operandi and learn to detect them if you want to enjoy your university years…..

toxic classmates

Toxic classmates should be avoided by all means, as they will negatively influence your grades, cause you to argue with the other classmates and make you stand out before the teachers and the rest of the university community. To avoid them, you must first know how to detect these people.

The protagonist is that student who must always lead the singing voice in class, who always knows it is because he thinks of every sentence of the teacher and is the first to volunteer for everything. If you have to do a job with him, he will impose his opinions and his points of view, having you and the rest of his companions at his disposal.

The irresponsible is that person who is in the race to do something, since it does not matter to finish their studies in time. He always comes late for meetings, missed appointments and never meets deadlines. Run away from him if you want to successfully overcome group work.

The gossip, always present in all groups, is a person who enjoys knowing the life of others and telling it to the rest. Never trust him, as it could hurt you in the race. If you have an obligation to do a job with him, devote yourself exclusively to the task assigned to you, and leave the chatter for another time.

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The vagabond delivers the jobs on time and passes the exams, but he does everything with the law of minimum effort. Why study more exposure if you have the approved insurance? You will never be flawless, efficient or excellent, so avoid putting yourself in it whenever you have to choose a partner for an exercise in pairs or in a group.

The solitary enjoys his only company, is always walking alone on the campus and never eats accompanied. He prefers, of course, individual work, so he may not know how to relate properly when doing a task in a group. If you touch him, you will have to be patient with him in order not to jump at his long faces or his bad replies.

The climber is one of the worst companions that you can find in the university, since he takes every opportunity to take over the merits of others. He will always have had this fantastic idea or will have written that part of the group work. From him (or so he believes) come the best ideas, and so let the teacher know. This person will not hesitate for a moment to leave you in the lurch if you can get a benefit, so that runs while you can.

The best advice is to flee from all of them if you want to be happy, but the truth is that sometimes it is impossible. Some teachers organize the work groups randomly, so you will have to learn to live with their presence without any of them getting in your way.

To do this, you have to try not to get into his game. Accept them as they are and try to finish the task with the highest possible productivity. Once you are finished, forget about them and stay with only the good things of each of the experiences that you live throughout your university years. If they bitter you or get into your head, you are lost.

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