Do you want to be a criminologist? This is the academic training you must follow

If you feel true vocation for this discipline we will teach you the options you have to train in it…

become a criminology

  • Criminology is a multidisciplinary social science.
  • Both its legal side and its more practical side focus on the prevention and resolution of criminal acts.
  • These studies are a good complement for the police.

Surely you’ve heard about criminology many times: in television series, in newspapers or on radio and media programs that talk about recent or old crimes.

It is always possible to find a criminology specialist or someone with a criminologist label under his image talking about this type of events. It strikes you, it seems an interesting discipline with many aspects that arouse your curiosity … But do you really know what criminology is?

To define it simply we will say that criminology is the science that studies the causes and circumstances in which crimes occur. It also studies the personality of criminals and develops policies for the prevention of crimes that may be committed. And, above all, it is a multidisciplinary science. Why? Because to be a criminologist you will have to acquire knowledge of law, sociology, anthropology, psychology, political science and criminal analysis among many others.

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No, criminology is not dantesque crime scenes. And in fact, the most usual thing is that during the professional life of a criminologist you can hardly see a few of that type. In addition, the study you do on them is purely theoretical.

It is not also possible to confuse with criminology, which is precisely responsible for studying crime in a practical way through the evidence collected on the spot. The television can have helped to announce the profession, but in many cases not in a correct way.

Anyway, if you really believe that your future is in criminology, the main thing is to be clear about your vocation and be determined to bet on it. But how do you get to study criminology?

The truth is that the access to this race may vary. Once you have completed a bachelor’s degree in social sciences or health sciences preferably you have several options to access.

If your intention is to work in the scientific police, the best thing you can do is to go to the police and then register for the degree. This will complete your training and you can be a more competent agent. Or you can opt directly to look for some of the universities that offer a degree in criminology around the world.

Being a relatively new science that began to spread in the country just a decade ago, there are few centers that have a degree of criminology, so you probably need to move.

And are there no more ways? Let’s say there is a third way in which to become a criminology specialist. The Masters are always an option to specialize. And precisely if in the end you decide to study other careers such as law, psychology, sociology or medicine you can have the opportunity to access master’s degrees in criminology to complete your training.

So if you feel a true vocation for criminology, do not hesitate. You already have the information you need to make it a reality and become a criminologist. Now you just need to decide how to do it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to