Analyzing education as an investment

Many people go to college to study for a degree and postgraduate (masters and graduates) simply because it is normal, because it is popularly right because he acquire more prestige, or because it is a family tradition. However, hardly anyone discusses education as an investment. An investment of time and money like all others must return to the investor at a profit over time.

education as an investment

The first thing to understand is that education is an investment. And we bought a property for rent and expect a return by renting, so we prepared professionally with the promise of getting a better job, build a better business, or achieve a promotion in our current work. Finally, we study to pursue something in the future. We do not invest time and money in a Master simply for art’s sake.

Then, it is having recognized that education is an investment, let the point: there are good investments and bad investments. As with any investment, we must analyze our market, so supply and demand there, the situation in the future, and competition. For example, there are countries where being successful as a lawyer is very difficult, perhaps for lack of opportunity, or a very small legal system. In this situation, although the law is your passion, study for lawyer would be a bad investment.

On the other hand, let’s look at the world of technical certifications in technology. In countries like the United States, a certification in technology could mean higher wages and better working opportunities that a university degree in chemistry.

So summarizing: Education is an investment, and as such can be bad or it can be good. Analyze your market; analyze your tastes, your local opportunities, and your future opportunities. Focus not only on what you like, but also what the market demands. Combining both features you will ensure a better professional success and get a better return on your investment of time and money on education.

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