6 tips to accelerate your learning of programming

Here we give following advice about to enter the Engineering and Computer System. These tips helped a lot in academia and in working life…

learning programming

Learn the basics correctly: Whether in college or on own to learn well the basics of math and calculus. You have to have a good mathematical basis, like it or not (if not, must think better study something else). And this includes very familiar Boolean logic. You should also have a very good understanding of data structures and algorithms. The bad programmers, by definition, have no idea of the basics.

Just because you’re a “programmer” you won’t think that you don’t need to know about operating systems. You are wrong. If you don’t understand correctly how the operating system works you will be continually being a beginner.

Do not try to read programming books from end to end. The technical books are for reference only. The first couple of chapters can be worth reading to learn some new and introductory concepts. Learn programming encoding, not memorizing books.

Do not reinvent the wheel. The immediate reaction of novice programmers is to reinvent everything (in client projects!). Reuse code that has been successfully tested in the past. This will save many hours of work and sleep.

Open source applications are valuable precisely because they allow programmers to access the application code that are used in the real world by solving real problems. In the beginning, when we started writing code we are terrible (do not be ashamed to admit this great truth). The only way to learn is to read and edit hundreds of thousands of lines of more experienced programmers code that your.

At this point cannot be overemphasized: if you are starting your programming career, initially your code will be very bad. Never let anyone tell it otherwise. It’s like starting to paint, play sports, or anything that requires practice. Years of real codification will be needed, several hours a week, nonstop, with the simple purpose of acquiring the necessary skills so you can categorize you as a good programmer.

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