5 tools to detect plagiarism in written assignments

In the digital age, the violation of the limits of intellectual property and plagiarism is rife; simply apply technique of copy & paste. The institutions mostly consider it serious offenses that can be sanctioned disapproval not only matter, but also the pendant and even the expulsion of the involved student. Since the popularization of this practice, teachers have incorporated tools to detect them easily. Then we will show you some.

detect plagiarism

It is a software, therefore, users must download to use. Some of the advantages are side by side comparison of texts and links to the plagiarized work. According to what its web site, have more than 10 billion of sources and can be used unlimited and free of charge.

This is one of the most comprehensive plagiarism detection tools. It has a large database and has a feature called “Grade Mark” which includes comments from the documents or revised texts. It also has an assessment tool indicating the evolution of the writers and draw up reports on their performance. Take into account that this is a paid service, if interested visit their website (available in Spanish) and requests a budget.

Paper Rater
It is a very complete and free tool. In addition to determining the authenticity of a document, you can check to analyze its grammatical structure. In this way, determine originality in the construction of sentences and will notice if it is a literal translation of a translator, such as Google Translate.

Its features meet the needs of teachers and students. In the latter case, the tool will help them to correct their work and provide suggestions of grammar and syntax. The only drawback is that these functions are compatible only with English texts. If you want to find out more or download it.

It is an ideal tool to verify short texts, less than 5000 characters. Powered by the same mode of a search engine like Google or Yahoo: you have to enter the text, indicate where you want to perform the search (on the web, the news and recently in beta in social networks) and click on “search”.

If you plan to use it more than once or verify longer texts, you must register and pay. The cost varies according to the number of searches you perform and number of pages.

Plagiarism Checker
It is a website where you can perform a text search, up to 300 characters, through Google and determine its originality. It is very simple to use, and offers functionality alerts, which is a notification via mail if an equal content that you sought to be generated in the future.

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