4 things you should never say to a recent graduate

Start working life after years of academic studies can be a stress factor for any young person. So there are certain parameters to follow when dealing with a recent graduate.

never say to a recent graduate

To avoid making mistakes that make you feel uncomfortable to the recent former student, here presents a list of five things you should never say or ask a college graduate.

What can you do with that title? Obviously this is not a question that you would ask to a computer engineer. However, there are multiple races can have various orientations when entering the labor market. The economy today is constantly evolving, so these young professionals may become freelancers, entrepreneurs or perform tasks that have not yet been invented.

Ask things like this generate frustration on them and, ultimately, what matters is that they have developed in college the necessary skills to help them succeed.

Have you got some work in sight? These types of questions can cause discomfort and even anxiety in students. Given that it is not easy to enter the labor market, offer contacts that could serve to him and do not forget to ask him how he feels, listen to him when he expresses his frustrations, etc. But above all, give them hope for their future.

The economy has gone through bad times. You will overcome it. Graduates are usually realistic, so do not need this kind of encouragement. What most lose sleep is to begin their careers with the right foot.

No one receives more unsolicited advice than a college graduate. But the thing to that they generally like least listen is the successful story life of another recent graduate. Hear that a distant cousin got his dream job just after finishing college; it can be terribly frustrating for the student who will feel terrified and distressed to reach such a standard.

Remember that it is a key point in their lives that can determine the future of their careers.

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