4 justifications that are preventing the development of your career

Would you like to grow professionally, but simply do not succeed? So maybe you’re using an excuse that prevents you from reaching your goal, and you’re not aware…

improve professional status

Improving requires dedication and motivation. Each is responsible for his progress, but sometimes sabotages our own efforts without knowing it. While some people want to develop their career and rise, but no effort, others do their best but they are simply unable to do.

Others just imagine excuses and simply give up. Then we will show you the 4 most common excuses which you should avoid if you are looking to improve your professional status.

“It’s too late”

Your problem is not your age, but that you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities. In case you did not know, Leonardo Da Vinci was 51 years old when he painted the Mona Lisa, and like, other leading figures achieved success or found their great vocation.

Most people wish they had started earlier, but remember it’s never too late to try. If you really want, you’ll find the way to turn your wish into reality.

“I have enough money”

If you designed a project that depends to a great extent on the quantity of the funds that you arrange, definitely it could stagnate. The key is to imagine a viable project and, otherwise, in your ability to adapt it to your resources and opportunities that you can get.

Also, take into account that more money will not solve other issues such as the implementation and success of the product.

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“I am afraid”

First, it is very favorable to be able to also admit take into account that you’re not the only one with that feeling. Fear of failure is one of the main reasons that prevents concrete projects.

The key is your ability to leave the comfort zone and show the world, and yourself, that you can overcome that fear. Mark Zuckerberg said that: “The biggest risk is not taking risks in a world that is changing so fast, the only strategy that will surely fail is not to risk”.

“I lost interest”

Maybe something similar happens to you: you get bored very easily and quickly change projects. In such cases, you should reconsider your attitude, or you will be never ending cycle and no idea will not achieve that satisfies you.

In the end, you will notice that you managed to absolutely nothing and end up losing time. Stop planning and start to do. Maybe you have a wonderful idea, but if you don’t act, it will stay in your head, or annotated in a dusty book, for the rest of your life.

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