3 tricks to create a good atmosphere in the classroom

As a teacher, these tricks will help you keep your students alert

good atmosphere in the classroom

Atmosphere in the classroom

The distractions are becoming more frequent in the classroom. Between mobile phones and all kinds of displays, the attention of young people is usually kept far from the lessons taught by teachers, which causes poor learning and problems when entering the labor market.

For teachers, avoiding this situation is practically impossible, but generating a work environment where the student can actually learn is fundamental, so it is necessary to take action.

The latest research indicates that the most recommended in these cases is to use strategies that increase positive emotions and generate a greater participation of students in the educational process to eliminate the technological or social distractions that prevent them from a real access to knowledge.

If you are looking to create a more concentrated classroom, with an environment conducive to provide your lessons without problems, we recommend applying these 3 tricks with your students:

1. Delegate some control

While there are certain programs, the same stiffness is completely contrary to the free and creative spirit that young people naturally have.

Therefore, you will see positive effects if you delegate some control over the subjects of studies or the methods of approaching them. Try to generate mechanical work to recommend your own students, and even consult them on this matter.

If you have some decision-making power over what they learn and the ways in which they do will be more interested in the process.

2. Recognize your strengths

Both at the time of planning the class as at the moment of realizing returns. Highlight the aspects that really are good to strengthen your own beliefs and generate greater confidence in your own abilities.

In this way they will strive even more to demonstrate what they are able to achieve.

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3. Look for the connection

Sometimes, using a connection resource works as a powerful tool when it comes to remembering and processing what they have learned. A song, an image, an audiovisual element or a defined concept can function as these connectors.

At the beginning or end of the class it is good that they associate what they learned that day to one of these resources, so will be created in the minds of your students a link that will connect strange issues with elements that seem to them closer and easier to understand, setting best way what has been learned.

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The important thing, after all, is that the classroom is a space of learning and common growth. Changing the role of dominant teacher by one closer to the students is what will make the difference in the learning process of the same ones.

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