3 Keys that every teacher should be present to teach successfully

When presenting a new subject it is important to consider the method and dynamic used. Some issues can be very complex but all students can come to understand without problems using the specified method. Find out below how you can succeed in teaching.

teaching according to students

1. Teaching according to students

According to Mindtools site, there is a guide that includes the different ways of learning. It was developed by Richard Felder and Barbara Soloman in the 80s, and some of the styles that are described as follows:

  • Students who prefer a “sensory learning” are those who learn practical information, facts and hard data.
  • People who have a preference for the style of “visual learning” are those who use drawings, photos, arrows and any design that help to visually represent the information.
  • Students learn best by experimenting, trying things and trying things to understand a problem for example are those who make better use of a style of “active learning”.
  • Those who acquire new knowledge by analyzing and linking that information with other data that are studied by the method of “reflective learning”.

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The important thing is that you have this in mind to analyze how is your group, its members are and how to acquire better knowledge. You are then able to devise a way to raise the new issue so that it involves techniques of each style.

2. Do not bind yourself to a learning style

If after evaluating your students you realize that there is a predominance active learning for example, you have to be careful not only bind solely to that style by believing that is the better understand. The key is to balance various methods because everyone can contribute different things.

3. Take into account what is your learning style preference

Teaching is communicating. So the sending (teaching) can send a message successfully (teach) to recipients (students) it is important that both use the same code.

That is, to use the specific method of preference of your students learning, first you have to make sure you understand how it works for you as well. Therefore it is necessary to also evaluate how you learn best.

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