Choosing to study is never at all simple. After all, there are so many educational and work options to consider that students lose the north and do not know which way to go.

one or double degree

Do I keep on studying after the high school? Is not it better to look for a job? Doubts are quite common, but at some point these must be cleared. If you chose to continue studying and what you want is to enter the University, you managed to solve a part of the problem but you still have a few steps to reach the final decision… One degree or Double Degree?

When you are interested in two options and do not consider the idea of going first one and then the other, choosing a double degree is a great idea. But if you cannot devote enough time to studies opting for this option will be a real problem.

In order to be able to define yourself, we give you some tips that will help you to know if what is best for you is to take a degree or if the best thing for your future professional is to opt for a double degree.

It is best to choose one degree when:

  • You are clear that this is your vocation.
  • You find a program that meets your needs and can train you for the professional future.
  • You are sure that you will be able to dedicate the right time to it.
  • You want to work in an area where this training is needed specifically.
  • You are not willing to spend more than 4 years in college.
  • You aspire to take a postgraduate degree at the end of the course.
  • Your financial resources are somewhat limited.

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In the case of a Double Degree, it is recommended to choose it when:

  • You can make the effort to invest some more money.
  • You’re ready for a longer race.
  • You know you can get organized to complete both races.
  • You debate between two races and you do not know which one to choose.
  • You want to highlight in the labor market.

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