20 Most Important Questions to Ask When Transferring Colleges

Even though transferring colleges in the middle of a course isn’t anything too pleasant, many people need to transfer colleges for different reasons. To ensure the new college is a more suitable choice, you need to ask yourself and the college some crucial questions.

So, what are the questions to ask when transferring colleges? We have two categories of questions. The first category is for asking yourself, and the second category is asking for the transfer advisor of the desired college. Let’s give you a clear idea of what your actions should be depending on the answers.

Questions to Ask When Transferring Colleges
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5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Transferring Colleges

Before you finalize the decision to transfer, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Why do you want to transfer the college?

You may want to transfer to the college because you are extremely unhappy with the current college. From faculties that you are not so satisfied with to accommodation or transportation problems, there can be plenty of reasons behind the transfer.

If you feel like the college environment isn’t suitable for you, or you don’t get helpful groups to work with, that can force you to transfer to the college. Other reasons can also lead to transfers, so you need to be sure about it first.

2. Is the location of your target college suitable for you?

If the location or transportation of the target college isn’t suitable, you might repent after transferring to the college. So, it is better to ask yourself the question prior to transferring the college.

3. Are the current programs too challenging or not too challenging?

Besides the environment of the college, the difficulty level of the programs also plays an important role here. You should figure out if the programs in your current college are too challenging for you.

Alternatively, the programs can be very easy for you, and you may want to challenge yourself with harder programs.

4. What do you hate most about your current college?

You may not like an array of things about your current college. But some of the things can always be adjusted if you have a soft corner for the college. Before you transfer to the college, think about the aspects of your running college that you dislike the most.

5. What is the cost of the transfer?

Transferring colleges can cost a lot. So, the transfer should only be done if you have strong reasons to do so. The cost usually depends on college location, tuition fees, accommodation, and other factors. Take these factors into account and calculate if the transfer will be any good.

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Ask the Following 15 Questions to the Transfer Advisor

You must ask the transfer advisor about various aspects of the college to which you want to be transferred. Various aspects you can ask about, such as campus culture, subject matters, financials, admissions, and more. We have compiled the necessary questions below.

6. What is this college known for?

The answer will give you a brief idea of the campus culture. For example, a college can be known for its abundance of world-class faculties or rich libraries. Try to go deeper with your questions.

7. What do you like and dislike most about this college?

Student advisors typically try to answer this question positively to make a good impression about the college. Try to know their dislikes to decide if the college environment will be a good fit for you.

8. How active are the students in this college?

With more active students in the college, you will have better opportunities to study or work in groups. The bonding between students and the mindset to help others is crucial.

9. How many students are in a class on average?

In a tiny class, you might not get enough chances for group studies or work. But if the class is too large, attending lectures can be difficult for you. So, check the average size of the class in your target college.

Be assured that the size of the class is perfect for you.

10. What about the student clubs in the college?

Clubs are excellent for extra-curricular activities and hone your skills. So, your target college should have active clubs such as cultural clubs, sports clubs, etc.

11. Can I change my major after transferring to college?

You may not be satisfied with your major course in the new college. In such cases, changing the major in the middle of the program can be difficult. So, discuss this beforehand with the transfer advisor.

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12. What GPA do I need to transfer to college?

Most colleges have a GPA requirement structure for transfer students. You need to know about the structure in detail. Make sure you meet the requirements before transferring the college.

13. Do I need to submit letters of recommendation?

If the college needs letters of recommendation from transfer students, you need to know it prior to applying to that college. It will help you collect the recommendations in time.

14. Can I find scholarships in your college?

Knowing about the scholarship options before applying to the target college is crucial. Ask questions about the number and type of scholarships available in the college. Check your eligibility for those scholarships.

15. What is the grading requirement for passing this program?

Different colleges may have different grading requirements to complete the program. So, you need to be sure about that before transferring the college. Remember, this isn’t the GPA requirement for admission or transfer. Instead, it is the GPA required to pass the program.

16. What are the detailed admission criteria?

The admission criteria for transfer students can be slightly different from regular students. Ask the transfer advisor about the criteria and check if you meet all of them.

17. Are there any SAT or ACT requirements in this college?

If so, you need to have a certain score in these exams. So, be sure about the requirements before you apply to the college.

18. Do I have enough opportunities for research in my major?

Depending on your program, you need to get enough research opportunities. Find information about the resources available in the college.

19. Are there any job opportunities in the college?

On-campus jobs can be a great way to support yourself during the program. Talk to the transfer advisor about the job opportunities to make sure you don’t fall in trouble later.

20. Do I get any internship or volunteer opportunities at this college?

Even if you don’t need a job on campus, internship or volunteer experiences can add value to your resume. Find out if there is any such opportunity in the college.

Final Thoughts

Remember, asking questions is no crime. So, you can ask as many questions as you want. But you shouldn’t forget the most important aspects when transferring the college.

So, we picked the top 20 questions you need to ask yourself and your transfer advisor before the transfer. You should only initiate the transfer when you are fully satisfied with the answers. Make sure you ask all the necessary questions and analyze the answers.

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