How to plan a class in 15 minutes or less

A teacher usually has many classes throughout a day and even has to reconcile different types of subjects. Therefore, it is a much more arduous work than is thought, since for each class they have to make a previous preparation and to organize how they will impart the lesson.

how to plan a class

This process is fundamental to be able to transmit effectively and enrichingly the knowledge to the students and to generate a didactic dynamic in the classroom. However, you do not always have the time to plan yourself as you would like, so here we give five tips to organize you in record time and plan a class in 15 minutes.

How can we plan a class quickly and efficiently?

Even though you already know the syllabus that you have to teach and you are able to explain it at any time, it is not appropriate to leave a class to improvisation.

With the aim of attracting students and providing them with the best possible learning experience, it is advisable to follow the following guidelines:

Purpose and complete picture

First of all, you must be clear about the main purpose of the class; that is, plan what parts of the syllabus you want to teach the students and what approach you will take to be able to transmit it in the best possible way.

In this way, you will have a visually striking layout within your reach with which you can better assess the complete picture of the class and the message you want to convey to your students.

Lesson hooks

It is inevitable that on many occasions you should plan a class whose agenda is dense and boring. Therefore, once you have cleared the message and goal, you should think of a hook that motivates the students and cause them to attend to your speech.

That hook can be a story or anecdote entertaining related to the lesson, a brief video that illustrates the imparted knowledge or games that generate competitiveness among the students, among others.

You should not take too much time to think about the hook, since the simplest things are often the most effective for students.

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Write the key points

Take a minute to write down on paper the key concepts you are going to discuss during class. For a nonsense, but it is an effective method for not to leave anything in the pipeline and have a guide on which to draw in case you block.

You must write those aspects of the lesson that have more interest in students to learn and what you consider most important for their learning process.

To emphasize possible doubts of the students

The task of the teacher is not only to explain a lesson as if it was a monologue, but which must be constantly responding to feedback from students and interacting with them.

Therefore, you must emphasize in textbooks that students have those parts that you consider that are more likely to find it difficult to understand and raise your hand to expose their doubts.

You will not need more than three minutes for this process and will help you to be more prepared in the event that the students show confused with your lesson.

Group and individual evaluation

Before entering the classroom you should already know what homework that you command to make the students at home at the end of the class. The process of individual assessment is one of the most important in education, so it is recommended that you review the key points of the lesson that have underlined above, values the mind map with the complete drawing of the class and raise a few issues to test the knowledge of your students.

Following these steps, it will not take more than fifteen minutes to plan a class as entertaining as didactic for your students.

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