How to get good ideas to spark your creativity

Creativity is one of the best human virtues because no other animal is capable of developing it, not even the most intelligent machine ever created. It is an inexhaustible source of work and a feature that allows you to stay competent in the market, to ascend or to achieve the employment of your dreams. Discover how to get good ideas to awaken your creativity and inspire you through small habits that will maximize your daily performance.

spark your creativity

Pursue the flow of ideas

There is probably a time of day in which you feel more creative, some people prefer to develop their ideas in the morning because their mind is fresh and others are fans of nighttime inspiration, the one that comes when everyone goes to sleep. Identify your moment and allocate at least three opportunities in the week to encourage creativity.

If a specific place of your home, office or workplace facilitates the flow of your thinking, reserve some time to sit there. Walking aimlessly, ask questions and pay attention to accidents or coincidences, are other ways to move your creative juices. On the other hand, knowing how to prioritize, eliminate or recycle ideas is as fundamental as generating them.

Surround yourself with a positive environment

Teresa Amabile is a professor of business management at Harvard and is internationally recognized internationally by investigating how the everyday life in the organizations influences the performance of their employees, taking the creativity as the key point. One of their findings is that people enhance their creativity when they are happy, while physical or emotional discomfort blocks this human capacity.

Surrounding yourself with negative people impairs createability. Therefore, it is advisable to postpone meetings with these types of people or avoid their contact when you need a brilliant idea. Ideally, creativity would be practiced on a daily basis although it requires an amount that often does not conform to our routine.

Find inspiration on the web

The possibilities are almost infinite on the Internet, so it is an excellent tool if you know how to use it. The TED talks are designed precisely to motivate you, so it’s a good start if you do not know which way to go. Login to Twitter with the hashtag #inspiration or seeking “creative ideas’ on Pinterest, social networks are always sources of inspiration by the nature of its object.

Read autobiographies of public figures that arouse your curiosity, learn a new skill with YouTube tutorials or search for creative personal blogs or profiles that interest you for your ideas. Writing a diary on the Internet with the private blog format is another way to develop your ideas, as well as listen to music by imagining what their authors thought when they spilled the lyrics on a paper or screen.

Immerse yourself in nature

Plan a space of the day or week without appointments or obligations to change the environment. Walk to a park or natural place where urban noise is obscured and your eyes sighted enough green. Remember to turn off your mobile phone or at least disable the Internet, as well as take off your wristwatch so you do not worry about the time. You can be accompanied by your pet, watching all his movements in nature to rest the mind of the daily stress that slows creativity.

In case you do not have a pet or prefer to go only, assist with a camera or in its defect the camera of the mobile, devoting yourself to photograph every detail that stands out for its beauty. Concentrate on the task of paying attention to every little element around you, forgetting the rest for a moment. You can also go to a playground and watch how they play: you will be before the masters of creativity; surely you will learn something from them.

Record occurrences when it occurs

Even if you have a privileged memory, point your ideas at the moment they hit your mind, because the amount of daily information that people in the 21st century absorb could bury all or part of that brilliant idea that came to you 5 hours ago. You can carry a notebook with you or simply enter keywords in a reminder application on your mobile, ready to consult at any time of the day.

Inquiring in your aspirations

What we want to be or achieve is an indicator of how our brain works, what we value and how we visualize ourselves in the future. It is a way to find inspiration in yourself, making a list of activities or desires that you would like to fulfill throughout your life. It could be the kick to develop that idea that you are looking for, as well as create a board of images on the Internet for each of the points you wrote on the list.

Try putting together a resume for your ideal job, analyzing every skill and knowledge you would need to achieve it. Redact it as if you had everything that is required, it will help you get on the road and as an extra you will know what deficiencies or weaknesses you must overcome so that the dream curriculum becomes your true resume. Surely your desires hide great ideas so far you have not analyzed in depth. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to