5 most common errors when using the internet

Internet use is a naturalized question. Whether to send an email join our social networks or reply to a message in WhatsApp, we are always using the Internet. However, the fact that it is so natural makes us vulnerable to attack. Every time we often hear stolen information of known celebrities or even our own. In order to be protected, we should avoid these 5 common mistakes when using the Internet:

using internet

Do not upgrade
Our computer and the security measures that we use on it (antivirus, ad-blocks, etc.) must be constantly updated. In this way, we ensure that all our data is safe and protected. The above mentioned updates are necessary so that the platforms work perfectly.

Do not avoid advertising
The misleading advertising, either by mail or visited pages are also a common misconception among Internet users. You need to have a program that blocks advertising, and it is also necessary that we do not enter to suspicious pages.

Do not perform a backup
Many of the theft of information are conducted by experts who use our data to blackmail us. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to perform a backup of all that we want to save. In this way we can be a step forward at the time of blackmail.

Connect to unknown networks
The first thing we do when we enter to a new place is to request the password of WiFi. This is the gateway to several hackers to the watching. Through a WiFi network experts can find all our movements and steal all our data. It is advisable not to use it for banking transactions or send money, for example.

Not take care for children from Internet
Most of the children know perfectly how to enter to YouTube or any social network. If you just leave them your computer or tablet to their reach, small will be able to enter unusual places. It is so that they can also access non-secure sites that will end up affecting our devices.

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