study with noise

Can you study with noise?

There are many key moments in our life, during which we have to make an effort beyond the usual in order to achieve what we propose. Studies, at any age, are one of these important moments. If you want to get a good grade in an exam, then you will…

early education

The importance of early childhood education

The socialization of the child in their initial stage is one of the most important processes that without a doubt will give positive results in the future in terms of their development, interaction and behavior in society. Giving it on time and at the right time will guarantee a better…

geometric shapes

How to make geometry by jumping

Whoever thinks that mathematics is learned sitting in a chair, is that he does not know this activity to do geometry by jumping. Yes, movement and mathematics are often given by hand. And is that having fun outdoors can be very linked to mathematical activities if you give free rein…

Google Classroom

Google Classroom and its uses in the classroom

Google Classroom is a tool designed for education to help the teachers become more efficient, organize their classes, improve communication with students and observe the pace at which they work. For its part, students can keep track of the tasks that are required to present and start working with just…

montessori method

Why Montessori pedagogy is not for everyone

More and more schools and parents have realized that some aspects of conventional education have become obsolete. Therefore, it is time to discover new pedagogical methods in order to give our children the best possible education. However, the different pedagogies that exist today diverge a lot from each other, so…

scientific method

6 steps of the scientific method

Science, as we know it today, is the result of a series of discoveries and its protagonists have a way of carrying out their studies. Today, different fields of research use the so-called “scientific method”, a way of researching and producing knowledge, which is governed by a protocol that aims…

theory of multiple intelligences

Theory of multiple intelligences

The theory of multiple intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner as a counterpart to the current intelligence paradigm that holds that there is only one type of intelligence. Gardner proposes that for the development of life one needs or makes use of more than one type of intelligence. The scientist…

take babies to kindergarten

When is the best time to take babies to kindergarten?

There are many parents who wonder when is the best time to take their children to nursery school (also known as daycare). Daily responsibilities or work, make parents need a place of trust where they can leave their babies while they go out to earn a salary. But in reality…

become a criminology

Do you want to be a criminologist? This is the academic training you must follow

If you feel true vocation for this discipline we will teach you the options you have to train in it… Criminology is a multidisciplinary social science. Both its legal side and its more practical side focus on the prevention and resolution of criminal acts. These studies are a good complement…

stem careers

How to prepare students for STEM careers

It is necessary for students to decide what to study, knowing which are the most employable and attractive studies for the labor market… All the country faces a shortage of technical profiles that are capable of meeting the needs of the labor market and the demand for skills of companies….

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