become a criminology

Do you want to be a criminologist? This is the academic training you must follow

If you feel true vocation for this discipline we will teach you the options you have to train in it… Criminology is a multidisciplinary social science. Both its legal side and its more practical side focus on the prevention and resolution of criminal acts. These studies are a good complement…

stem careers

How to prepare students for STEM careers

It is necessary for students to decide what to study, knowing which are the most employable and attractive studies for the labor market… All the country faces a shortage of technical profiles that are capable of meeting the needs of the labor market and the demand for skills of companies….

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning: What it is and Why it is important

Since childhood, the human being learns by imitation. We observe what is and who is around us and we copy or internalize certain attitudes, behaviors, patterns of behavior. Our relatives, our friends, our colleagues or classmates … all exert influence, in one way or another, in the formation of our…

tablet in class

Advantages and disadvantages of taking the tablet to class

Technological advances fill a gap between our basic study materials: In recent years, paper and pen have been increasingly replaced by electronic devices. Although there are many advantages it is also easy to find drawbacks in the use of tablets to study. The new generations that access to the university…

children to multiplication

Teach the multiplication tables to primary school children

One of the first mathematical skills that children learn in school, once they know how to add and subtract, is to multiply. Multiplication is just a shortcut to take large sums more quickly, which means that it does not demand much memory but a good deal of reasoning. However, as…

parent involvement

The importance of the parent involvement in school

It can happen that there are parents who think that the schools are exclusively responsible for being able to educate the children and that they learn the necessary knowledge to be able to develop and become an effective and successful adult. But this is not the case and many parents…

how to study mathematics

How to study Mathematics: 7 Techniques that will Multiply your Note

Mathematics is a subject that does not leave any student indifferent. Some love it and others hate it; being this second group much more numerous than first in most of the occasions. However, many of the students who hate mathematics do so because they do not know how to study…

good preschool teachers

How to become a good preschool teachers

A preschool teachers is not the one with the most innovative resources and the classroom full of didactic material for children to feel good in the classroom, but the one who is able to take the educational intervention forward with the things that are within the context and take advantage…

enjoy math

10 keys for your child to enjoy math

One of the most recurrent questions everybody asks himself is: how to do to enjoy the mathematics of my son? I admit, it does not have an easy answer because as we all know “every child and every family is a world”. Even so, today I want to share with…

take your next exam

Are you really ready to take your next exam?

You’ve been studying for weeks. You want to prepare well to make sure you can approve it without any problem, because you expect nothing other than a positive result. But even though you review your schemes and notes again and again, you cannot really feel that you are ready to…

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