The myth of distance education which we must eliminate

The most common myth of distance education is that we have seen: “Online education is not effective” – and it is this myth that today we want to destroy.

myth of distance education

The first thing is you have to understand is that no matter what we believe or not, no matter what we agree or not, this will never change the functioning of things. For example, you can agree with globalization or not, you may think that this is real or not, anyway, no matter what you think or believe, globalization is an irreversible fact.

The same goes for distance education. It is a movement that has already passed the point of no return. It is a global movement that is clearly giving a high competitive advantage to those countries and individuals who are taking full advantage.

Countries like the United States, Sweden, Japan, France and Canada already have an ecosystem of online education (higher and technical) highly developed growing exponentially every year. What do you expect the rest of the world? What’s too late to catch up?

Latin America, for example, online education needs more than anyone and more than ever. A region in pure growth, with a common language (excluding Brazil), with a low purchasing power, with high levels of poverty, and with great potential for growth.

For Latin America, the online education more than a fad, alternative or differently educated, is a salvation. It is an affordable, global tool, and quality to become competitive with countries that previously had the advantage.

It’s simple, we can pretend that online education is not effective, and continue staying behind, or we can recognize their progress and importance and getting on the train of modernity, taking advantage of it now that it is in its prime, and save the educational that separates the hispanic region in others, through an education without borders, that does not matter our income or our geographical position.

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